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The “Bullet Train” smart toilet continues to be a favourite of Brad Pitt: He said, “The water feature is such a gift?”

In “Bullet Train,” the comedy-thriller that debuts digitally on Tuesday, Brad Pitt has a love story. The high-tech smart toilet on the Japanese high-speed train in the movie instantly captures the attention of Pitt’s assassin Ladybug.

According to Pitt, “I was thinking, we’ve got to develop a smart toilet. David Leitch, who directed the scene, recalls being preoccupied on the set when an ecstatic Pitt hurriedly approached him. “That was 100% Brad,” he says.

“I need to be playing with a smart toilet, (Pitt) kept adding as he mumbled. Then I exclaimed, “Smart toilet!” as I called the art department to inform them that we urgently need one installed here by tomorrow.” The script has lovely nuggets throughout.

And then, when Brad Pitt uses the term “smart toilet,” there are stunning treasures “Leitch included. The modern restroom was quickly put up by the art department, and the effects teams made the system function realistically.

“I’ve got to admit, they hooked that up nicely,” says Pitt, who experimented with the different elements (such as the air drying and the water stream) before filming sequences in which Ladybug discovers them while hiding in the train’s restroom.

The smart toilet ends up having a significant physical joke in “Bullet Train.” Pitt was so motivated that he created an anti-toilet paper line for his assassin who spouted philosophy. Although I intended to include it, the line “Toilet paper is such an outdated concept” didn’t make the final cut.

Pitt, who is unable to choose a favorite aspect, says, “I don’t know why we’re content with this.” The water feature is such a gift, and then the little fluff dry, what a pleasure,” someone said. Pitt’s obsession with the smart toilet isn’t the only couple in “Bullet Train,” though.

Bullet Train Movie 2022

The thriller includes a flashback of a genuine human romance with Bad Bunny’s Wolf. The sequences depict his assassin’s romantic relationship with a lover, who is fatally shot on the couple’s wedding day, prompting Wolf to seek vengeance on the train.

The Colombian actress Andrea Munoz, who plays Mrs. Wolf, claims that because to the stringent COVID-19 shooting guidelines, the brief but passionate romance sequences were shot with little opportunity for Bad Bunny to get to know the actors.

According to Munoz, it was like, “Bring (the actors) in now and love each other! Nevertheless, it was successful.

On camera, we broke the ice. Acting infatuated with her well-known on-screen partner, according to the actress, wasn’t a stretch. She enjoys Bad Bunny’s music a lot, and the actor was “wonderful” on the set. I had anticipated that he wouldn’t be approachable. He was, nonetheless, really kind, says Munoz. I could pretend to be in love with this guy, it was like. That wasn’t difficult.


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