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Butter chicken along with golgappa? This is how netizens are reacting to it

Indians can never say no to golgappa as most of the people in the country are fond of this tasty snack. Golgappas which are also known as phuchka, panipuri, and many other names, are these crispy, heavenly fried balls, which are filled with tasty potato stuffing and are also filled with chatpata imli or pudina water. The golgappas are seriously perfect for a quick snack in the evening. But, there are many varieties of this famous roadside snack and some variations of golgappas can even make people scratch their heads in confusion as some may be kinda weird to even hear about it. Now, this new type of golgappa is trending on Twitter and Twitter can’t stop reacting to it. It is weird for golgappa lovers to hear about a golgappa filled with butter chicken. 

Yes, you read that right! A photo of the butter chicken golgappa was shared on Twitter by Devlina, as the user gave a glimpse of the weird dish. The picture included in the post was of Butter chicken golgappas, and it seemed that it was from a food delivery outlet. The picture shows normal golgappas, which are filled with butter chicken and topped with sev. Although the dish seemed to be really classy from the pic, the ingredients are the main highlight and people are surprised to see such a type of golgappa. 

As soon as the post was made, Netizens started sharing it with everyone and the post has garnered several likes. Well, the reaction was quite obvious as it was evident that tweeple were not so happy with the weird dish. People were not able to accept this golgappa along with butter chicken, as no one had heard about it before. Many netizens said that these tasty golgappas should only be consumed with imli or pudina water. On the other hand, some netizens also expressed that these varieties of golgappa will never beat the ones that are sold at roadside stalls.

One user commented, “I am sure these are ordered after the party table is more than two pegs down. Then such things sell easily. (They crave for Golgappas and fear upon missing the main course.)”. Another one commented, “hahahahahahaha”, to which Devlina replied, ” Apocalypse is near”. And another one commented, ” what’s next, kheer?”. And one commented, “From where do these guys get such ideas from I wonder”, while the other said, “Why do people believe in ruining everything, songs, movies, and now food too!”

While on the other hand, some netizens wanted to try this weird combo out of curiosity. One even commented, “I will eat anything that has butter chicken in it.” Well, people are busy giving mixed reactions to it and debating whether this is good or not. People nowadays are more interested in making weird combinations and recently many such combinations are trending on the internet as people debate whether it is good or not. Weird combinations such as chocolate chai, Maggi milkshake, noodles flavor soda, gulab jamun pancake, noodle panipuri, mango ice cream chat, and many more are trending nowadays and it seems like netizens are now tired of these combos, as these combos have altered the real taste of the foods. Every now and then netizens come across this type of food and many food lovers share thoughts on this. While this food combo seems weird, there are some people who will love to try most of the foods once in their life, just to experience the flavors.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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