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Amazon and Disney collaborate, introduces a new device for kids

Well, you all may be aware of Amazon Alexa, the voice assistant by Amazon which is used widely by many people. But now, Alexa is not alone anymore. According to some reports, it is known that the Amazon Echo has finally introduced its first new voice assistant, which is actually a Disney-branded personality, that will surely help to bring most of its Disney characters back to life with different fun games, amazing bedtime stories, funny and bone tickling jokes, and in addition to this, it will also sing songs, among other skills.

The new voice assistant by the Amazon Echo will be known as Hey Disney. So now if you want to activate the device then you can simply say “Hey Disney”. As soon as the device will get started, a unique voice will be heard that coexists with Alexa on Echo devices. This is designed by Disney so that they can unlock interactive Disney entertainment. Talking about the availability, the voice assistant device will be available next year for guests at Walt Disney World hotel rooms. It will be also available for purchase in the form of an add-on to anyone who has an Echo device. Hey Disney is a new voice assistant that helps to provide interactive entertainment with Disney characters. It will be coming to Echo devices next year, and it will coexist alongside Amazon Alexa.

Well, Disney has not opened up about how much this assistant will cost to download at home. So of course there is no clear idea about the price of the device. But don’t be mistaken that “Hey Disney” can be used as a replacement for Amazon Alexa. Hey Disney is designed by concentrating more on all the facilities for kids, so of course, it will miss many features that Alexa has such as, shopping, reading the news, or controlling your smart home. 

So you may be wondering what’s the use of buying Hey Disney if it does not have a feature of Alexa or something that isn’t Alexa. Well, If you have kids, there is a high chance that you may already know the answer. This “magical companion,” just like Disney calls it, that is the voice assistant, can do many things that a child will love a lot! That is, this voice assistant will bust out with funny jokes, many interesting trivia or and will also sing-alongs. It also includes the voices of the Disney characters with a lot of stories and amazing interactive games. Talking about the characters included in this device, not just Mickey, but also characters from the stories of Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel are included! And it’ll play “soundscapes” as background sounds, which is inspired by many movies and also theme parks. It is also programmed in such a way that it can provide some of the basic Echo tricks, like telling the time, reading the weather, and setting alarms( most likely in a Disney way). Disney informed that its different voice has over 1,000 possible interactions, and if you have an Echo device along with a screen, there are visual elements included.

And you know what, it’s just the beginning. As per the reports of CNET, Dan Soto, vice president of technology and digital at Disney Parks, in a video interview said the company is looking forward to adding more features or using them in new ways. He said, “This is just sort of scratching the surface on where we can take voice technology for our guests. We got some pretty special ideas on what we can do for the future with it.” Hey Disney can be proved useful for both, home and hotel. You can also add guest room requests like asking for towels and check out. It will also answer the questions about the resort and about the surroundings. So along with fun, it can prove to be helpful. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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