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Cancer-stricken mom sets up a billboard, helps her daughter find love!

When it comes to amazing stories it has to be now said that the internet is the best place to find so. The internet can show every amazing story and real life experiences of people. These stories can either make people feel motivated, happy or even sad too. The social media platforms are the best place where people can share their experiences so that everyone can know about it well. Recently one such story of a mother-daughter duo is taking rounds on the internet.

Beth Davis, a resident of Boston, helped her daughter to find love in an amazing way. Well, let’s say, it is kind of an unexpected way. The mother put up a Billboard so that her daughter could find love. If you are wondering why she did so let us tell you the whole story here.

Davis has been currently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  It has become more severe now. Even though she went through a long-term treatment which has been going on since 2004 it has not helped her yet. Breast cancer is becoming more severe day by day. As the cancer is spreading and becoming severe day by day, she realises that she doesn’t have much time left.

She realized that she didn’t have much time left. So, she got stuck with the sense that how urgent it is to see her daughter Molly with a partner as soon as possible. Well indeed it is a sense of every mother that she wants to see her daughter happy with someone they will love. Every mother wants her child to be happy and wants to see them happy forever. In order to see her daughter happy within the time she has been now left, she came up with this idea.

Davis took her daughter’s consent. She created a profile for Molly. The profile was created in Wingman, which is the dating app. In this app one’s loved ones Vouch for a person.

Surprisingly Tina Wilson, the founder of wingman (dating app) came to know about Davis’ story. She asked them if her daughter’s profile could be now changed into a Billboard. It didn’t took much time to update Molly’s profile on the Billboard. Soon the Billboard was also put up. The Billboard mentioned the words,  “Date my daughter” written on it. Indeed maybe it is the first time that people have come across such a Billboard. As a result it went viral across the internet and all other social media platforms. The photos and videos of the Billboard were circulating all across the internet.

Well, many people said that they understand the fears when it is known that the time left is sadly limited. Many people care about understanding the fear of the mother. Netizens also prayed for some miracle to take place so that she can recover. Some people also wished that Molly would soon find her true love.

“As someone who’s lost a parent, I understand all the fears that come with knowing time is limited. <3”

“I pray that a miracle takes place in this mom’s body so she can enjoy many healthy years with her daughter and future son-in-law.”

“I hope Molly finds the love of her life and her mom gets to see that before she goes onto the next world.”

Davis also had a conversation with the media. She said that her daughter has spent a lot of time with her family. She has unselfishly done all things to keep her family and Davis happy. She said “Molly has always unselfishly spent a lot of time with us, including taking a leave of absence to fly to New Zealand last year [where I was] when I was diagnosed. Also Molly, like lots of young people, have had their social lives interrupted by these Covid years, so I really just wanted to help find her a special someone, I would love to know that Molly has a good life partner that adores her and puts her first, as I know she will him.”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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