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Netizens react to the British journalist criticizing plus size mannequin in workout outfit!

As the time goes by, the thinking of the people has been also changed to a great extent. People have started supporting many such movements which were earlier criticized. And when we talk about the changes in thoughts, well, body positivity movement comes to play too. The small steps taken by everyone in support of body positivity is surely amazing. The support always gets increased too. Talking about body positivity, each and every step is now done to promote body positivity. They do this to encourage everyone to love their body. From showing off their beautiful curves the way they are, to keeping plus size mannequins in shops – this is how people are supporting body positivity.

Many people are supporting the body positivity movement as much as they can. But still there are some people who can’t just change their thinking nor anyone can easily help them to do so.

Isabel Oakeshott, British journalist and author, posted a picture of a plus-size mannequin. She posted the photo earlier this week, in which the mannequin had a work-out outfit on it. She posted the photo and tweeted, “This, in a Regent St fitness store, is what obesity looks like. Flabby curves highlighted in hideous lime green velour. The so-called “body positivity” movement is not “inclusive”, it’s dangerous.”

Her remarks seemed to be really sensitive for the ones who support body positivity. The body positivity movement advocates that all people have the right to feel desirable regardless of societal norms of beauty. The journalist addressed this as “dangerous”. This ruffled many feathers on the internet and social media platforms. People accused her of fatphobia. Many Twitter users, especially the plus size women took twitter. They pointed out how size is often falsely equated with fitness. This is because of the incorrect understanding that thin people are automatically healthier.

This definitely sparked a lot of reactions on the social media platforms.  People especially took the micro blogging site, Twitter. Many people started reacting to the tweet the journalist made. This  gave rise to many reactions on the internet.

“Here’s a British woman: Olympic Silver medalist Emily Campbell. Or is it just other women who haven’t achieved her success who don’t matter and should be excluded from society and fashion choices? Please, tell us more about how all women should be!” a user wrote as she uploaded the photo of Emily too.

Another user named Kate Bottely wrote this:

“Here’s me, an overweight woman taking part in x3 Triathlons raising a million £ for Sport Relief! I look amazing, right? I was embarrassed because my wetsuit was made to measure but then I realised body shaming is toxic. I hope you learn that lesson soon too. Please talk to someone x” as she uploaded her wetsuit pic too.

While another user brought the dress which was firstly shown on the mannequin. She replied to the journalists by writing, ” I brought the “dangerous” dress!” And posted the pic of her in that dress.

Actress Susan Kelechi Watson is the founder of Kelechnekoff Fitness Studio. She also joined in and criticised Oakeshott’s take. Susan asked her, “Would you like people who are bigger than yourself to have to work out naked? Should they be shrouded in black so as not to be seen?”

This definitely sparked a lot of criticism for the journalist online. But it is good to see that many women came in support of each other. They were confidently able to show what body positivity actually is. The netizens were openly able to show themselves. They also supported other women and supported each other well.

Some of the netizens highlighted that as a norm fashion market does not cater to bigger body types. According to some reports, it is also known that the research done by Washington State University’s Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles shows that plus size women have go for the men’s workout clothes due to size discrimination.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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