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Catch the goat: know why the panchayat officials in Uttar Pradesh were running behind a goat?

One of the most important reasons why so many social media users are addicted to social media platforms is all the hilarious content that we find here. Some videos which are made to make your love by some that shows all the funny incidents that happened around the globe. 

Currently, such a funny video from India is going crazy viral on social media platforms and all those who watched it are now addicted to it. Something totally unexpected happened in the video and the unusual incident that happened with the panchayat officials in Uttar Pradesh is now getting everyone’s attention. In an unusual incident, the panchayat officials in Uttar Pradesh went through a lot as seen in the video because of an intruder who ran away with their papers which they thought might be important for them. Well, the intruder in the video that we are speaking about is none other than a goat! Yes, you read that right. 

A video of a staff member who is running behind a goat has left the social media in splits and all the social media users who watched the video saying a desperation of the man to retrieve the documents from the animal are left amused. The panchayat official is seen chasing the animal to retrieve the documents and many watching this were left shocked for sure. In Kanpur’s Chaubepur block, an intruder that is a goat tried to get a hold of some papers. The goat was seen trying to munch on them. That is when a panchayat official spotted the goat and the man tried to get back the documents from the animal. 

Well, The task was not surely that easy for him as seen in the video as the man couldn’t keep up with it. Also, as per the local reports, the animal subsequently wandered into a room at the panchayat office and stole the papers. “Arre yaar dede (Please give it back),” a person is heard saying in the background of the video. However, the goat didn’t pay attention to him and kept doing what it wanted to. Now, the video is doing rounds across social media sites and has triggered humorous reactions from many who loved watching it. 

As the video went viral, many social media users were seen stating that the animal had fled with important documents but it is not true. The Officials later clarified that it was not the case and said, “The goat ran away with scrap papers from a canteen near the office, not the official documents,” BDO Manulal Yadav said to news agency ANI. Nevertheless, the officials tried to state that no important papers were taken by the goat but the fact that the officials were seen running behind it got many people confused.

source = youtube
Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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