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The BCCI decides to delay India’s tour to South Africa! Know more

The spread of covid-19 virus made a pause in normal life when it was at its peak. After almost two years now the pandemic has come to an ease, as people have started living their normal life as they did before the spread of the pandemic. But recently covid-19 variant omicron has started spreading across South Africa and also some new cases in India. This has led to the decisions the government made during covid-19 pandemic. And as a result India’s tour to South Africa for the match has also been in a discussion to be delayed, according to BCCI reports. 

India was fully ready to tour South Africa in the month of December-January for a mega-series but all the travel plans came to a halt after the emergence of the new COVID-19 variant in the nation. In the latest reports of events, it has been reported that India’s tour to South Africa might be delayed by one-week keeping in mind concerns around the omicron variant.

According to the BCCI official, the official recently stated that both the cricket boards are constantly in touch in order to ensure the smooth process of the series but it is likely to get postponed by a week, and the official further added that they are still awaiting the acceptance from the Indian government.

The official said that they are discussing to postpone the series by a week because of the spread of omicron virus. The boards are in touch to discuss the health and safety of players, which is the most important thing. “We are discussing pushing back the series by a week due to the threat of the Omicron COVID variant and we are awaiting the Indian government nod, both boards are in constant touch and everything is being discussed. The health and safety of our players are of utmost importance,” a BCCI official stated.

The South Africa government is doing their best to ensure a safe bubble for the Indian team. And it has to be noted that India is set to tour South Africa for a mega-series comprising three Tests and ODIs, which are each followed by four T20Is where the first Test is set for December 17. And in addition to this, in the same line of events, the South Africa government recently stated that they ensure a safe environment for Team India players if they visit the nation to complete their scheduled series.

“South Africa will take all precautions necessary to ensure the health and safety of the Indian teams. A full Bio-secure environment will be established around both the South African and Indian ‘A’ Teams as well as the two National Teams. India’s decision to show solidarity by choosing to continue with the tour of the Indian ‘A’ Team stands in contrast with a number of countries who have decided to close their borders and to restrict travel from Southern Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), which is the country’s foreign ministry, as per the statement which was quoted by The Indian Express.

The fans were really excited for this amazing match between India and South Africa. This news of deciding a halt to this has shocked many cricket lovers out there. The BCCI is giving utmost importance to the health and safety of both the team players and as a result they are in the process of deciding a delay on this exciting match. 

The spread of the Omicron virus has once again brought fear to everyone. As people were recovering from this covid-19 pandemic the covid-19 variant has once again started spreading and the first cases of India were also detected in Karnataka.

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Sneha Sivakumar
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