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Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, our fan-favorite couple to be seen on HGTV show with new name 

Yes! Chelsea Houska and cole DeBoer have decided to collaborate on the small screen for their fans’ undying desire to see them together, so finally, they have decided to come up with the new ‘HGTV Show’ 

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer show Down Home Fab 

While claiming that Chelsea cannot wait for the reaction of her fans to come up with the premiere for a new show ‘Down Home Fab’ she said that this will be the next journey to build her business altogether’ 

The down-home fab is been shot and built in South Dakota where a couple has been together since 2022 and counting. Including their passion and desire of building the same which is the thread that we are sure will keep their fans intact to the “aww moment” for the couple! 

Taking it one step ahead, the couple not just ‘built’ the house on the farmland together, but they also took along all their fan following through Instagram and represented with transparency how they designed, and built it together. Another reason, why down-home fab will keep the watchers intact, is as it gives them a glimpse of Chelsea’s house and her life inside her house with her husband, including their children. 

We are assuming down-home fab, to be filled with less controversy on Chelsea’s family and more of the ‘sweet moments’ and her teen mom bond filled with love with her three daughters. 

Chelsea also posted at the moment of her making the ‘down home fab’ through Instagram. She told her fans that her next chapter in life will be devoted to strengthening our brand, elevating things through new projects, and growing family enterprises.

She also said that “We (including her family) will always be grateful to MTV and our staff, who we think of as family. We are leaving on friendly terms and will keep in touch for a long time. We are very appreciative to our followers for supporting us throughout our trip, and we are glad to have been able to share our experience with them. 

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer

Down Home Fab : What will it be about ?

If we talk about the “official synopsis” for the Down Home Fab coming on the HGTV website there it states that Chelsea and Cole are finally set out to continue their love and passionate journey of building and designing while helping other couples do the same” after constructing their own dream home in 2020. 

According to HGTV, the six-hour-long episodes of the series ” will highlight the couple’s booming restoration business.” Chelsea will concentrate on her self-made design ideas while Cole will further support and serve as the hands-on project manager according to their respective positions in their company.

Who all will be seen on show along besides Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer ?

Well, Chelsea along with her husband, but not just that. It is rumored that their three daughters as well will be seen on the show. And as per the head of the camera, Chelsea will be taken first through her house calling it the glam of South Dakota. Including the insights such as the love and affection of the couple towards each other when they refer to one another as a dream team together and smile while making an unsuccessful high-five attempt. Additionally, cameras are present to document the loving chaos of their big family and several farm animals.

Meanwhile, the couple claimed that they have worked really hard on this project and to say less but present more, they simply cannot wait for their fans to fall in love with them all over again through Down Home Fab. as it truly has been a  dream come true for them going through an arduous journey for building a house together. 

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer

FAQs : 

What is the new name of Chelsea’s show and when will it release?

Chelsea and DeBoer have decided to come back on the small screen for their fans with the new name to their show to been seen as “Down Home Fab” and it is anticipated to release anytime in 2023, however, no precise date has been shared with the fans yet. But it is sooner than ever. 

Will Chelsea’s kids be seen on the show? 

Yes, Chelsea taking a step notch has been journeying the camera through her house and in her own life, and her bond with her husband and her three daughters will be seen on the show including all the “sweet moments” while building her house that she truly cannot wait to share with her fans.

What is down home fab really about? 

The fan-favourite couple Chelsea and DeBoer will test their effort and creativity to design-savvy vision throughout the series. With the couple’s remodeling company in their hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Cole serves as the hands-on project manager to bring the aspirations to reality. Fans will get glimpses of their hectic family life while watching the series as they raise four kids on a lovely Midwestern farm.

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Shreya Minocha
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