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The Maker of Joker has finally revealed a clue on the return of Joker, Have the first look. 

Joker 2 : Foli a deux

The adherent addiction cinema lovers have been followed through the darkness of facing one’s emotions has been extravagantly produced through one of the finest makers Todd Philips starring Joaquin Phoenix. Now they are eagerly waiting for Joker 2. 

Without leaving a dint of doubt, the movie remained a blockbuster among its fans and on cinema. After 5 years, with high anticipation there has finally been found a clue about the Joker coming back with it’s sequel, Joker 2. 

The script page was shared by Todd philips and since then the fans have been biting their nails to find out, what is to come next. Can we truly wait? For Joker 2 absolutely yes, knowing the wait will be definitely worth it. And let’s also dive into all such details we could plunge in about the upcoming of Joker sequel. 


What is the new title given to Joker 2? Well, it has been seen that the script page shared by the makers carried the name “Joker : Foli a deux” 

Which of course sounds like a french phrase, but what does it really mean? The french phase “Foli a deux” means “the madness of the two” we can also read this phrase as the shared psychosis, which further would may represent the madness shared by two people who are in close association to each other to describe the phrase. 

From the very title itself, we can catch a clue about what the movie might represent this time, on the psyche of human being darkly explored on the screen. Although it might also imply the appearance of a second protagonist who shares the Joker’s objectives in real life.

To anticipate further, one can say that Harley Quinn will probably share Arthur’s illusion or mental condition in the follow-up.

joker 2 movie
joker 2 movie

Joker 2 : Has the cast been reveled yet ?

Joker will remain incomplete without the oscar winner joaquin phoenix. Joaquin phoenix without anticipations will be seen in the sequel of joker better known as “Foli a deux” 

And as per the rumours, Lady gaga has joined the cast of joker 2, with our anticipations harley quin as well will be seen. So, for the sure short cast list we have three names so far including lady gaga as harley quin. 

The movie will be presented in the second timeline as to the like of suicide squad. Whereas, without rejoining the cast of joker, margot robbie expressed her gratitude in terms of how thankful she haas been to be a part of such a character that is being cherished in cinema till now. 

Joker 2 : is there a plot yet ? 

Speaking of the reveled storyline or plot on joker 2 yet! But, through the title itself we know Joker 2 might not just revolve around the dark tales of “one” itself. But, there will be a certail other association to the madness involved. 

If we look at the retrospect of where we left of in the last segment of the movie, unfortunately the question on “Who will be Arthur’s adversary” is left unresolved. Although, In the first movie, the Joker’s biggest obstacle was really him. The film’s main plot revolved around his transformation from a hazily normal member of civil society into a ruthless assassin. But none of us can rightly answer where will the movie might move from here, especially to disclose the mysterious title connecting the madness to “two” 

joker 2 movie
joker 2 movie

FAQs :

Will a sequel to Joker be produced ?

The director and producer Phillips announced the existence of a “Joker” sequel. Warner Bros. is scheduled to release the movie on October 4, 2024. Scroll down to get all the information about “Joker 2.”

Is Batman’s portrayer in Joker 2 ?

The news for DC fans have left them in awe of this incredible film “joker” that provides us a preview of what a Batman may look like in the Joker’s universe as Joker 2 approaches. One of the most enigmatic films on the upcoming Hollywood calendar is Joker 2.

In Joker 2, who plays Harley Quinn ?

The Harley Quinn character being transferred to another actor makes the Suicide Squad actor’so thrilled,’ likening it to Macbeth or Batman. Margot Robbie, a member of The Suicide Squad, has commented on Lady Gaga replacing her as Harley Quinn in the forthcoming Joker sequel. And she is ecstatic about it beyond belief.

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