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Closeup comes up with the world’s first NFT Marriage Certificate in Metaverse!

The oral care brand of Unilever Has had the headlines with its new idea. The brand has come up with the first NFT marriage certificate in the entire globe. Now it will allow the couples to officiate their love in the Metaverse. Many people think it is a brilliant marketing plan that they have come up with a full stop; however, we also do not know that more than 50 years have happened, and Closeup is still championing. The famous brand has consistently promoted the closeness and bond of love. Well,  most of their advertisements have also continuously inspired couples of all kinds to get closer. That is why I do not mind having any self-doubt or external prejudice.

Make things official in the Metaverse, courtesy of Closeup:

Most couples around the globe also have to date denied the right to marry, and it is due to their relationships. Many people get affected due to the still existing concepts of inter-racial, inter-caste, inter-faith and same-gender relationships. Well, many people in societies still have not accepted relationships like that. So earlier this month, the famous Closeup game with an idea to enter the Metaverse in the upcoming days. They will invite the couples to break free and show their love openly. 

The couples will get to take a break from the real-world constraints and can celebrate their relationship together in Decentraland. The brand has given couples a chance to enter a 3D virtual world. As per the reports, it is powered by blockchain technology, and teams can make their relationship official now. Talking The ‘Closeup City Hall of Love’ will give the couples a three-dimensional virtual experience. All diverse groups can ‘mint’ their NFT marriage certificate now. They will get to immortalize their bind and true love on the blockchain forever. 

Other details:

This will also allow adorable couples to have their avatars. the process will start with the proportional and then minting their NFT certificate. “Our foray into the Metaverse with Closeup City Hall of Love is another initiative to build safe spaces that celebrate equality and inclusion and inspire people to act on their mutual attraction,” said Gaurav Datta, Global Brand Vice President of Closeup. “It is free from self-doubt and judgment, so they can experience closeness on their terms,”n “For us, it is valid,” shares Neil and Jad, the first couple who made it official at the Closeup City Hall Love. 

“It is important that we normalize relationships like “ours” in every pocket of society. We are delighted to be one of the first couples to experience this and share this moment with our friends.” In the upcoming new days, the brand Closeup also hopes to inspire more people and lovers to spark conversations, and this might ultimately have them create a way to change the future. The right to marry is equal for all, just like their City Hall of Love in the Metaverse, and many people praise the brand for coming up with this idea.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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