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Curious owl inspects weather monitoring cameras in the US.

Adorable videos of birds and animals tend to make our every day, and it gets on the internet so widely worldwide, and people cannot get enough of them. Well, the many curious animals and birds always send to make us love because they are curious, and they are more interested than humans and want to know everything that runs in our world. The many such posts and videos about birds and animals do get Famous online and come across now and then.

The Viral Video of an owl!

 One such video is going wildly viral, and people are super happy after watching it. Talking about the viral video, you will see A bird inspecting a surveillance camera. As per the reports, this incident happened to us. We often see many surveillance cameras across the countries so that they can keep an eye on activities in a particular area. So, this owl in Montana, US, was curious to know about these surveillance cameras. 

Seems like it wanted to know about the unique object and started inspecting it. In the viral video clip, you see the bird watching the surveillance camera closely, and it has now surfaced online. Many people have come across absolutely in love with this girl. At the beginning of the video, you will see the elevated view of the lit-up area at night. Interestingly, one bird comes into the scene suddenly. 

The curious animals and birds:

You will see this bird’s head popping up from the bottom of the surveillance camera. Then the other bird rises a little bit and looks into the camera. It keeps wiggling, and this very inquisitive owl persistently tries to know what the object is. It keeps looking inside the camera lens. The video clip goes on for 27 seconds, but it interests many people around the globe. Talking about it, all the social media users are wholly left amazed after watching the video. One of the social media users who came across the footage commented in the post’s comment section, saying, “Wildlife always brightens up the rest of your day.” 

As per the reports by Sky News, the camera is positioned on a bank in Great Falls. The surveillance camera helps to observe the weather conditions in that particular area. It is not the first time a bird or an animal has grabbed attention online just because of the surveillance cameras. Last year, in February, a parrot stole many people’s attention.

A New Zealand family’s GoPro was used, and the bird captured an amazing “bird’s eye view” of the Fiordland National Park. The parrot was able to record amazing visuals and landed on a balcony. Before that, a man from the US was amazed as he got to see the visuals of a bear recording itself playing with a lost GoPro. Since like the animals and birds are always very much interested with cameras and love shooting and catching amazing visuals on it.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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