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Comedian Atul Khatri wins several hearts with his way to show his covid vaccination certificate.

The coronavirus pandemic has been going on for months now and it seems to be not coming to an end very soon. The pandemic isn’t over yet but people have now adjusted to it. Well, for more than one year, the only source of entertainment for people has been their social media platforms. Many celebrities and famous personalities have been using different ways to reach their fans and they have always come up with unique ideas to keep us entertained for sure. Well, in the same way, the famous comedian Atul Khatri has come up with a brilliant plan to entertain his fans. 

In his official Instagram account, he has currently posted a super hilarious post that has gone so viral that people have actually found it really relatable and funny. Atul Khatri has actually got his covid-19 vaccination certificate printed on his tee and he took it to his Instagram account to share a photo of himself with that tee. The photo of himself wearing a white tea with his covid vaccination certificate printed on it and the hilarious caption is surely the latest most entertaining thing that one can find. With the post, he also captioned it with “tired of showing” his vaccination certificate every time at airports and hotels since travel has restarted once again.

 Well, the comedian surely has found a very unique way to deal with the crisis of carrying the vaccination certificate every time you have to travel. “Since travel has restarted, I was tired of showing my covid certificate at airport hotels, etc, so I made this. What an idea sirji,” he wrote in the captain of this post which went so viral and Atul’s has surely collected thousands of likes because of his humorous nature.

 But he also showed that he is capable of spreading positivity and humanity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and thus he launched a series called Only positive news last year which is again highly followed by his fans. His stand-up comedy videos and hilarious posts win millions of views online and this post has got so many appreciative comments to read. Where most of his comment section is now filled with laughing emojis, there are also many netizens and his fans who have appreciated him a lot for making people around him laugh and smile so easily even in the toughest times like this pandemic period where most of us need only positive good vibes around us.

 Well compared back to the previous months, the death cases have surely decreased now, and also the availability of vaccination is better. Many people have got vaccinated and are also spreading awareness regarding the importance of vaccines for fighting the deadly coronavirus. Hopefully, the conditions will be getting much better in the upcoming future and the pandemic will come to an end.



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