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Cotton candy Maggi: Delhi woman tries ‘fun’ recipe leaving Internet in splits!

When it comes to Maggi it is for sure that it has become a very sensitive content over the months for many food lovers. Maggi is truly one of the most loved snacks in India and many people are truly addicted to it. The concept of Maggi and adding weird ingredients to it has become very arguable over the months now. We have some literally so bizzare combinations of Maggi with the totally unrelated will foodstuff. 

A weird Maggi combination:

Some people add soft drinks to some people or Sweet dishes to make it a total disaster. Many food lovers who come across such posts on several social media platforms absolutely hate the idea and also hate to have their beloved food item getting mixed with something weird. Time and again people have been trying to come up with some new recipe that adds Maggi to literally Everything. Thus The instant noodles’ flavor is truly spoiled. Well, however these questionable experiments do not come to a stop anytime soon. 

Again this time someone has tried to make a new version of Maggi which isn’t something that is pleasing a lot of social media users to stop. This time this person added Maggi along with cotton candy and created a new version. Over the past we have seen a series of desert versions of instant noodles. There are laddu and kheer like classic Indian sweet dishes added to Maggi. But this time a video of Maggi along with cotton candy is going viral literally everywhere. This food video was posted by a Delhi food blogger.

Maggi with cotton candy!

Eat This Delhi is the food blogger. In the video you will see her cooking in a regular way. She chopped the vegetables and added it to the butter. Later on she adds the Maggi masala and the progress goes on. However as a video place for the you will get to see her wearing cotton candy into her dish. This makes it a really new version of Maggie and many people are sharing the reviews about it.  “Kya duniya accept karegi mujhe ki nahi (Will the world accept me or not),” she stated in the caption of the video. “This is just for fun don’t judge me,” she added, asking to all of her followers. to watch the complete video. 

You will see a longer version of the video on the official YouTube channel. In the video a woman is seen as it is to add the fluffy sweet cotton candy to her. The unusual twist that is added to Maggi however is something that you will hardly imagine. She was at first hesitating to add the cotton candy but later on when the person behind the camera encouraged her she did it. She later said that the sugary product dissolved into the pan well just adds a sweet aftertaste. When she later tries the dish she says that it’s “not bad” in the review. Also, she adds, “it’s only slightly sweet”. Well, many social media users were not happy with the dish and literally wanted to know more Maggi with weird ingredients.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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