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Covid vaccination – do’s and don’ts:

People have started to register for receiving the vaccination shots to fight against covid-19. With two vaccines available it has been specifically announced by the government to take both doses of the same vaccine type. There have been many questions regarding the vaccine, its effects, its use, and much more. People have been curious regarding what to do and what to not, before and after taking the covid-19 vaccination. So here we have an article to note down the crucial points regarding the vaccination especially the dos and don’ts before taking the vaccination. Also, the vaccination is not suitable for few people and it is a must to know too.

People who should avoid the vaccine:

1.    As per given guidelines by the government, -pregnant ladies and lactating mothers should not take the vaccine and must take extra care to not get infected by the virus.

2.    People who are infected by the virus or people who had the virus in the last 4-8 weeks must avoid getting vaccinated for their safety.

3.    People who have an allergic reaction to few things including food and medicines are also not advised to take the vaccine if they are consulted to avoid getting vaccinated

4.    Patients who are hospitalized and are going through any special treatment for any disease are also not eligible to take the vaccination.

5.    People with diabetes, blood pressure, cancer especially the ones who are going through chemotherapy must take the vaccine only after getting a piece of medical advice.

Things to do after getting the vaccination:

  1. People need to stay at the vaccination center for at least 30 minutes after getting the covid vaccine shot to get monitored.

2.    Many might get mild fever and body aches after getting the vaccination which is just normal side-effects and can be avoided.

3.    However, if you are facing the side effects for a longer time, then it is advised to visit the nearby healthcare center immediately without initiating any treatment on your own.

4.    You are supposed to take the second dose of the vaccine after 4-6 weeks of the gap if your first vaccine shot was covaxin.

5.    If your first dose was covidshield, then a gap of 4-8 weeks is a must.

6.    Do not forget to get the vaccination certificate after taking both doses of the vaccine.

7.    Even after taking the vaccination, you are not completely safe from getting infected. Thus, it is a must to carry out all the government guidelines like wearing masks, staying home, using sanitizers, and maintaining social distance.

These were some of the things to consider before and after taking the vaccination. After taking the vaccination, surely your immunity increases which decreases the chances of getting infected from the virus, and hence if you have not yet got the vaccination, then do it soon. Maintaining social distance after getting the vaccination shot will double the chances of keeping you safe from the deadly virus.



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