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Food prices in the pandemic

The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to several changes in several fields and sectors. We have been facing a severe pandemic situation for months now and the crisis was much higher in December of last year. it has been recorded that the global food prices in December 2020 by the highest as compared to any month before the virus was out. Well, this led to a serious change in the food price index too, and mainly because of the spread of this virus the issue was increasing. It did lead to the increase in the prices of food leading to the increasing demand but the decreasing provision of resources. Another big issue in the pandemic was the transportation of food and goods to different places in the country as there was a huge restriction on transportation. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, people faced a lot of issues due to the lack of goods and eateries. However, the situation now is a bit under control as compared to the previous year.

The condition during the outbreak of the virus:

prices of kitchen goods always keep changing as per the demand and as per the availability. For now, petrol prices are very much higher but as compared to last year when the virus was completely new to the people many started stocking up goods and eateries which led to increasing prices due to the increase of the demand for goods. With the rise in the cost of gas, there was also a huge rise in the cost of essential goods such as edible oil pulses and rise in certain regions in India which were becoming hard for people as many even started to lose their jobs. Another big issue for the public was not being able to provide enough for their family because of the reduced wages that they received. Most of the public in India buy the essentials especially eateries from the wholesale markets and the main reason for stress was we couldn’t travel to the wholesale markets in the country to get the things required in the kitchen. Adjusting from the goods that were available from the nearby shops had become difficult as there is a vast difference between the things sold in the wholesale market and things sold in the shops. Many have to cut down their shopping list by only buying the essential things to provide enough food for their family. As per the records by the consumer price index, the price of the food went up to 7.6% in October 2020 leaving a huge impact on the public.

Due to the decreased lockdown situation as compared to the previous year, the public can travel to get the essential goods easily now and also the prices have come down a bit as compared to last year. Also many public have adopted the method of online shopping which provides groceries along with not much rise in prices as it used to be before giving a new way for people to get adjusted to the new normal life.



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