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Daily life of Indian people in the past few months.

From the outbreak of the coronavirus that happened months back to date we Indians have been living a completely different life what we now call as the new normal. With thousands of migrants whose lives have been completely damaged due to India’s coronavirus measures there have been many changes that happened in our life which we are still trying to adapt to. Indian coronavirus cases have been reported to now be a bit decreased as compared to that of last year and with that our lives have come a bit on track again too. However it is also true that we are not living completely as freely as we used to  before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the lives of rickshaw drivers, food stall holders, and workers who depend on daily wages are still tough which has collapsed the daily lives of many people. Dealing with the pandemic has become too much of a priority now and with that we have seen a vast difference in our Indian lifestyle which indeed is due to the coronavirus.

The daily routine of most of the Indians right now:

For many people who are working in private sectors and IT companies have been following the trend of work from home for months and with that it is also proved that we can continue the work smoothly even in the covid crisis. For many employees nowadays the day starts with their laptop and ends with it too. Due to the work from home culture employees have been finding it difficult to find personal space as the workload is high. Also there used to be time breaks in the office but what about when we work from home? Most of the employee’s days go with the tension of completing their assignment before the deadline and the fact that they have to manage their time on their own by distributing time for their work and some personal time for themselves and their family is also hard to do. For students they have been following online classes and giving exams online too. Many have found it very much easy but for students who get distracted easily online classes have been a big trouble. Talking about cooking on your own, doing chores on your own has also become issues for people.

No vacations and relaxing time:

Well in the beginning it really sounded fun that people can now study and do their work from home but as the time passed the same boring lifestyle that people lived was becoming hectic. The time when we used to go on vacation, spending our time with our family and loved ones by visiting the places that we like, enjoying the street food, exploring different landscapes, and taking beautiful pictures have become almost impossible now. The maximum relaxing time that we spend at home is by scrolling social media accounts and platforms like YouTube. However there used to be times when people used to go on walks or to different places where they could do fun things that they like to do, especially on Sundays. Although the pandemic is a really hard situation to beat up with Indian citizens and government have been trying well and are adjusting to the situation so that we can get the country back on track soon.



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