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Viral Jokes related to coronavirus in 2021

With the spread of coronavirus over the past few months we have also seen  the spread of some of the funniest, humorous memes and jokes related to the virus. It is one of the main modes of entertainment in this pandemic period which made our day and also helped to decrease social stress at the great level. During this covid-19 crisis the main mode of communication was only social networks and in several social media pages in order to decrease the fear of the virus many posted light humour memes and jokes that highly got like and still can make us smile. So here are some of the best covid-19 that most of us can find highly related to our daily life and can surely make us laugh.

  1. The work from home jokes: The biggest change in our life was following the work from home culture and with that as many companies from around the globe started assigning several tasks to the employees the stress level also increased. So to make the life of employees a little bit easier and to decrease their stress level, several work from home jokes started circulating in social media pages. Here are some-
  • If you are working on a desktop or laptop make sure to put on a mask so that you do not catch the computer virus.
  • Client -“no, this is unacceptable. I have to speak to one of our superiors!”


  • “My wife and I are working from home. She microwaved fish. Time to alert HR.”
  • Doing chores- Apart from the work one of the biggest things that scared people during this pandemic was doing their own chores at home. There were so many jokes circulating in the social media pages which were found so much related to everyone’s life for the past few months.
  • “Be nice to your wife. Restaurants are closed!”
  • We are traveling again today. We visited the kitchen that is the capital of our house.
  • The house cleaner said she was going to start working from home. So she sent me a list of chores to do.
  • Online meeting jokes: Well now most of the people during the day do only one thing and that is attend an online meeting. Even students have been attending online schools for months now and jokes about zoom calls have been circulating all around the globe.
  • The real awkwardness during a meeting arises when a professor asks the class a question on a zoom meeting and no one actually responds!
  • There is awkward and then there is ” the zoom meeting is over and you and one other person can’t figure out how to leave the meeting” awkward.
  • Why is it called a zoom meeting when it should be called a co- vid.


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