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Detective Knight : Rogue – Cast, Release Date, and More (2022)

Who would have imagined that Bruce Willis would eventually retire permanently ? Without a doubt, this author didn’t. But now that it’s taking place, it appears like the Die Hard actor. So, is going all out for the decisive confrontation. Detective Knight, his newest action-thriller trilogy, is evidence. This trilogy of three back-to-back crime action thrillers, which will be released over the holiday season. So, will be one of his last works, filling us with sadness and excitement. In the trilogy, the central character is Detective James Knight, portrayed by Willis.

Edward John Drake, who also serves as the series’ director, wrote the trilogy. Detective Knight: Rogue, the first book in the trilogy, is set around Halloween. So, centers on Knight tracking down a group of armed and masked thieves after a crime. The second film, Detective Knight: Redemption, is set around Christmas and has Knight as a participant in The Christmas Bomber’s prison release. In the third installment of the series, Detective Knight: Independence. So, Knight engages in yet another high-stakes. Well, to chase as he seeks to stop a misguided vigilante from wreaking havoc on the city on July 4th.


Other details :

Willis has appeared in roughly nine action thrillers in the past two years, five of which are just from 2022, including the Detective Knight trilogy. Even while we are sad to see him go, the legendary Hollywood actor’s performing career will undoubtedly conclude on a high note. Corey Large also co-wrote the film’s screenplay and produced Detective Knight: Rogue. Whether you like Bruce Willis or not, you should watch Detective Knight as a Christmas special since it is similar to the Die Hard films in several ways, two of which are set around the holidays. So why not check out these websites while you wait for the three films to arrive at the theatres?

Detective Knight’s Release date

Only two of the three movies’ release dates have been officially announced thus far. On October 21, 2022, Detective Knight : Rogue, released by Lionsgate, will have a limited run in theatres and be available concurrently on VOD, Blu-ray, and DVD. Detective Knight : Redemption is intended for a Christmas release on December 9, 2022, and is to be followed by Detective Knight : Independence on January 20, 2023 (though this has yet to be formally announced).

The cast of Detective Knight  

James Knight, who will undoubtedly feature in all three films, is portrayed by Bruce Willis. The primary cast members of Detective Knight : Rogue are Beau Mirchoff, Lochlyn Munro, Michael Eklund, Corey Large, and Jimmy Jean-Louis. The cast includes Johnny Messner, Keeya King, Cody Kearsley, Dax Campbell, Jessica Rose, and Scott Cargle. Trevor Gretzky will also appear in Detective Knight: Redemption and Rogue.

For Detective Knight: Independence, Lochlyn Munro will return alongside fresh faces like Willow Shields, Jack Kilmer, and Alvaro Calderon. As soon as it becomes available, we’ll update this page with all the cast and character information for Detective Knight: Redemption and Detective Knight : Independence.

The screenplay for the Detective Knight trilogy was co-written by Canadian writer, actor, and producer Corey Large and Australian screenwriter and director Edward John Drake. Cosmic Sin and Apex are two projects on which Large and Drake previously collaborated. The Canadian thriller Broil, which was shown at the 2022 Fantaspoa and other film festivals, was directed by Drake in the past.

The plot of Detective Knight  

The LAPD detective James Knight in the Detective Knight trilogy tracks down a different criminal in each of the three stories. It almost seems like Willis is reviving the John McClane experience, where a New York City cop takes on a new case and defeats new foes in each tale. Detective Knight: Rogue, the first, takes place right before Halloween. As the city continues its fear-fest celebrations, a group of masked, armed thieves commits theft and hurts Knight’s partner in a big gunfight. Knight pursues the sleek gang members as they escape the city and arrive in New York. However, his presence in New York brings up Knight’s troubled background and conflicts with his current case, jeopardizing his goal. While pursuing the legendary band of robbers, Knight must contend with personal dangers.

In the second film, Detective Knight: Redemption, the detective finds himself amid a jailbreak while also losing his badge. The Christmas Bomber and his followers who worship Santa Claus are in charge of it. They are violent and nasty fanatics. He deals with the terrorists to eliminate them in exchange for his reinstatement. The knight must seek retribution because the bomber’s goons terrorize the city.

In the third installment of the trilogy, Detective Knight : Independence, Knight engages in another excruciating pursuit to stop a misbehaving vigilante and an out-of-control EMT vehicle from endangering the city on July 4th. But that’s not all; in the detective’s race against time, he must also prevent an explosion at his own house. Will James Knight be able to overcome his demons thanks to this case ? The future ? What is certain is that Bruce Willis’ final film before leaving the business will be Detective Knight : Independence.


Although the official trailer for Detective Knight : Rogue is now available, the trailers for the next two movies have yet to be released. You may currently watch the most recent trailer above. It is abundantly evident from the almost two-minute clip that this will be a no-frills, hard-core crime-action thriller series. Take Rogue as an illustration. In keeping with the film’s premise and genre, the intense scenes and quick-paced action sequences are exciting to watch, assuming that’s your viewing style. Willis is also introduced in the clip as the fierce L.A., along with the other main character, the detective. 

FAQs :

When will Detective Knight: Rogue be released ?

On October 21, 2022, Lionsgate Films released it in a few cinemas and on VOD.

What is Detective Knight: Rogue’s storyline ?

During a gunfight, masked robbers seriously hurt Detective James Knight’s colleague. Knight’s terrible background and current case converge, threatening to shatter his world as he chases the thieves from Los Angeles to New York.

Who plays which roles in Detective Knight: Rogue ?

James Knight, Beau Mirchoff, Casey Rhodes, Bruce Willis, and more.

Is Detective Knight a horror movie ?

No, it is an action film.


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