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Willow (2022) : Read to know the cast, plot, and other facts !

With the ongoing astronomical success of Star Wars and plans to resume the archaeological explorations of Indiana Jones, Lucasfilm may have been primarily focused on a galaxy far, far away. Still, the studio once dabbled in the fantasy genre with Willow. Willow wasn’t a significant movie office hit compared to its older siblings in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It was written by George Lucas and directed by still young and fresh Ron Howard. Lucasfilm has not worked on the franchise since it debuted in 1988 due to its lack of exceptional success. Still, it has benefited from being a cult classic with a devoted fanbase. Many fans naturally assumed that Willow Ufgood’s tale ended when he finished his mission in the first movie and that we wouldn’t likely see him again.

Nevertheless, Willow is back for a brand-new adventure. A new Disney+ series is planned to continue his journey with new heroes and new villains, but the same endearing figure fans know and love with the one and only Warwick Davis reprising the role. Here is everything we know about Willow’s triumphant comeback, even though the 34-year layoff has been lengthy.

Willow Release date

Being a Lucasfilm property, Willow will debut on Disney+ under the auspices of its parent company. The eight-episode season will officially premiere on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Subsequent episodes will air the following Wednesday.

The cast of Willow  

As previously stated, Willow wouldn’t exist without the person who first gave the adored character life. Warwick Davis was initially here to Lucasfilm when he got Wicket to life in Return of the Jedi, and he has since appeared in nearly every Star Wars movie with at least a cameo. After a distinguished career of supporting roles, Davis was offered the chance to take the lead in a significant, high-profile film with Willow. Given Davis’s repeated affirmations of his affection for the part over the years and his approval of how people with dwarfism are portrayed in the movie, it makes total sense that he would return. Davis isn’t the only member returning ; Joanne Whalley will also take on the role of Sorsha, the daughter of Bavmorda, who was originally unfriendly but has since become a steadfast ally and guardian of the child Willow was carrying.

As both Sorsha and Madmartigan swore to nurture and care for the child to give her the life she deserved, this gives quite a few suggestions as to where the story could go. Val Kilmer, Whalley’s on-screen partner and off-screen ex-husband, will sadly not be part of the returning cast. Still, Whalley and Kasdan stated at their Celebration panel that Madmartigan, Kilmer’s fan-favorite character, would be a constant presence throughout the series and that Kilmer had full support for the project.

The plot of Willow  

In the first movie, Willow set out on a mission to deliver a little infant he had located close to his village and to shield the girl from a wicked witch who wanted to harm her. Willow, who had only occasionally left his small hamlet, suddenly found himself in an entirely new environment. The depraved creatures and miserable minions of the terrible Empress Bavmorda are all over his quest. Still, Willow also makes a group of friends for life who help him get there, such as the arrogant yet endearing swordsman Madmartigan. Despite how complex these challenges were, Willow managed to complete his task, protect the helpless child, and return home with a fresh enthusiasm for and interest in magic studies. Although there aren’t many details available about Willow’s upcoming journey, we know that he’ll continue to be the unselfish, endearing hero he was in the movie.

Other details :

The clip suggests that the formerly inexperienced magician has substantially refined and improved his profession, carrying himself with real class and swagger while staying humble. The movie’s events occurred several decades before the television series, where Willow is now helping Kit, a young woman, locate her kidnapped brother. The two then embark on a new, epic mission with their small group of allies. Disney+’s official synopsis is as follows:

The epic period fantasy series “Willow,” with executive producers Jonathan Kasdan, Ron Howard, Wendy Mericle, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rejwan, is in a beautiful world of breathtaking beauty. A young girl born to unite the worlds and an aspiring magician from a Nelwyn village. So, helped defeat a wicked queen and drive out the forces of darkness at the story’s beginning. The adventure continues as an unusual group of heroes embarks on a perilous journey to locations far from their home. So, where they must confront their inner demons and band together to preserve the world from brownies. Also, sorcerers, trolls, and other mysterious creatures.


Even though this weekend is all about Star Wars, with Star Wars Celebration announcing several new developments for the sci-fi universe. So, Lucasfilm took some time to promote Willow by releasing the first trailer. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the plot in the classic Lucasfilm marketing style. Instead, it briefly introduces the new characters. So, that have joined this fantastical world while reintroducing older characters that we are already familiar with. Joanne Whalley is back in the role of Shorsha, and Warwick Davis is prominently here as an older. So, wiser Willow Ufgood who is much more skilled at using magic and spellcasting. All this is ready to the timeless, enduring song by James Horner all those years ago.

Lucasfilm took some time to promote Willow by releasing the first teaser even though this weekend is all about Star Wars. So, with Star Wars Celebration announcing several new developments for the sci-fi universe. In keeping with the tradition of marketing used by Lucasfilm, the trailer doesn’t reveal much about the story. Instead, it briefly introduces the new people that have joined this fantasy universe while reintroducing more recognizable old characters. Joanne Whalley reprises her Shorsha role, and Warwick Davis plays an older. So, wiser Willow Ufgood who is much more adept at wielding magic and spell casting in a vital role. All of this is to the classic song that has the test of time.

FAQs :

Is Willow 2022 a continuation ?

A teaser trailer for the ” Willow ” sequel, which Disney debuted during the Star Wars Celebration in May 2022, indicated the sequel’s release date. According to the teaser trailer, the ” Willow ” series will debut on Disney+ on November 30, 2022.

Will Val Kilmer appear in the upcoming Willow ?

Madmartigan, played by Val Kilmer, will also appear in the program, according to executive producer Jonathan Kasdan, who confirmed this to Yahoo! According to Variety, Slater’s character is somehow here to Madmartigan as a “friend.” Still, more information will be out in the future.

What’s the point of the new Willow ?

The book Willow tells the tale of an incredible band of heroes who embark on a dangerous mission. The new and returning characters battle their demons as they cooperate to save their world.

In the newest Willow, who portrays Willow ?

In their respective roles as Willow Ufgood and Sorsha, Davis and Joanne Whalley return. The series, set in the same magical universe as the first movie, follows an unlikely band of heroes as they set out on a dangerous mission to save the world.


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