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Do you know why this man from MP is distributing free petrol ?

Even at the time when the prices of petrol and diesel is increasing every day in the country, a man from Madhya Pradesh decided to distribute free petrol to the customers so that he can celebrate the birth of a girl child in his family. In order to celebrate the birth of a girl child in his family, a man from Betul district in Madhya Pradesh decided to give away free petrol. 

Deepak Sainani, the petrol pump owner made a decision to do something special so that he can celebrate the birth of his sister Sikha Porwal’s baby girl. According to some reports, it is known that the little girl was born on October 9. According to the reports of the Indian Express, Deepak Sainani said, “Since the opening of the petrol pump in March this year, I wanted to come up with a way to give back to my customers and the little girl’s birth during the auspicious days of Navaratri gave me the needed push.”

At first, Deepak Sainani was feeling a little bit hesitant and he actually was worried as he did not want people to think that this may be a marketing gimmick for the promotion of his petrol pump. But even though these thoughts crossed his mind, he, after much thought, finally decided to execute the plan he made to celebrate the birth of the girl baby. According to the reports of The Indian Express, he said, “I did not want people to think of this as a cheap publicity stunt, which is why I sat on the idea for a while but then decided to go ahead with it as I felt that it is the thought that counts.”

After Sainani made a decision and also came up with this amazing plan, he decided to execute it on the auspicious and special days of Ashtami, Navami, and Dussehra. Ashtami, Navami, and Dussehra occur on 13,14, and 15 October this year. To execute this plan, he also made a signboard and decided to inform the customers about the plan. The signboard was put up and it was informed to his customers that 5-10 per cent extra petrol was being offered on the occasion of his niece’s birth.

He also kept a note on the peak hours for petrol pumps and then he also offered extra petrol during those peak hours. He said, “I observed the maximum customer footfall between 9-11 in the morning and 5-7 in the evening and accordingly decided to offer the additional 5-10 per cent at this time”. 5% petrol was offered to those who buy petrol worth 200 rupees and 10% petrol was offered to those who were buying the petrol worth 200 to 500 rupees.

As per the report of the Indian Express, Sainani said that he didn’t give much thought or concentrated more on the response of the idea he had but the only aim he had was to share happiness with everyone. He also meant this as a gift to his sister who is differently abled and she had to come home for the child’s birth in Betul. He, along with his brother, runs the petrol pump. Deepak’s uncle Raju Sainani told Indian Express, “The birth of a girl should be celebrated with as much pomp and show as done on the birth of a boy. There should be no difference.” 

It is the third consecutive day on Saturday and the petrol and diesel prices are continuing to rise across the country. The petrol and diesel prices were raised by 35 paise to ₹105.49 per liter and ₹94.22 per liter respectively in Delhi.  While in  Mumbai, the cost of diesel increased by 37 paise to ₹102.15, and on the other hand,  petrol prices increased by 34 paise to ₹111.43. And petrol was retailing at ₹113.99 in Betul.

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