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Dog gets caught while stealing food and the reaction is hilarious!

The internet is the best place to find a collection of cute videos whether it’s dogs, cats, or any animals. These cute and amazing videos of dogs and cats or any other animals always make our day better and put a smile on our faces. The videos are enough to make your day better and, surely, it is one of the stress busters for many animal lovers out there. The cute videos of the animals always help to entertain all the people and of course, it’s a perfect addiction for everyone. Recently an adorable video of a dog who got caught while trying to steal food has surfaced on the internet and netizens are awestruck with the video. 

This adorable video of the dog getting caught while stealing food is going viral on social media platforms. This 26-second video was shared by a Twitter user ‘@beckx28’, on the Twitter platform. The user posted this cute video along with the caption that reads “caught ya”. Talking about the viral video, it features a golden retriever who is seen standing on its hind legs and is trying to reach for the food containers that are kept on the kitchen counter.

Further in the video, it can be seen that the dog finally reaches the container and grabs one of the two container kept on the kitchen counter but then he is being caught in the act by its human. The woman then can be heard saying, “unbelievable. No. What are you doing.” And after this, the dog seems to be a little disappointed and guilty after being caught. The woman then says, “So, now I can’t put up stuff,” to which the dog turns away and drops the container. 

The video has gained a lot of views since it has been shattered and has also gained many likes. People can’t stop themselves gushing over the cute reaction of the dog after he realizes that he was caught while stealing the food. And hence the comment section is filled with a lot of cute comments and also some of the dog owners who have shared their own experiences with their cute dogs. 

One Twitter user wrote, “That dog clearly deserves a treat for his effort and ingenuity. The person who left those tantalizing edibles within his reach, should always remember the first rule of sharing a home with a dog: Everything of yours is theirs if it’s within their reach.” While the other user said, “I can’t cope with the disappointment in his face when he realizes he’s been caught!! GIVE HIM ALL THE FOOD.” 

While some people were also busy sharing their experiences with their dogs. One Twitter user wrote, “My goldie was a counter surfer too. I ended up making special bags for him to “steal”. Happy puppy.” While another wrote, “My Angus used to literally get in the bags after we had been food shopping and always get the bread and custard tarts out.”

This video has revoked many memories of other pet owners. Well, who can resist an adorable video of their pet and this video is surely something that can make your day. All the experiences that a pet owner has experienced in their journey with their pets is something to be cherished forever for sure. The video is definitely adorable and has also brought a smile to your face

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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