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Does a mobile Phone’s Blue Light harm Your Skin?

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. We are in a situation where using mobile phones is the best way to do all our tasks easily. The addiction to phones has increased so much that mobiles have become essential for us, whether it’s day or night. 

By some research, it is that most people spend 50% of their time on mobile phones, and especially during this pandemic, the use of mobile phones has increased a lot. Whether it’s binging on movies or dramas or playing mobile games, the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. But as the use of mobiles has increased, it is necessary to also know the flaws. Even if you are aware that mobile phones are not good enough for our eyes, do you know that mobiles are not even good for your skin?

You may know that UV rays can be harmful to your skin, as they may cause skin pigmentation and skin cancer too. But some rays are visible to us, which you may feel are safe, but are not.

Yes, the blue light emitted from the mobiles can cause skin damage too. To understand it more in detail, let’s understand what blue light is.

Blue light is one of the visible lights of the spectrum, which has the shortest wavelength but has the highest energy. It comes from electronic devices like mobile phones, TV screens, and also fluorescent or LED bulbs. Similar to the ultraviolet rays or UV rays which can cause damage to your skin, blue light also proves to do the same.

Now how does blue light affect your skin?

According to some research, it is that blue light can penetrate through your skin even more deeply than UV light. Also, it can cause skin pigmentation which can be present for months also. The blue light also causes stress on hormone levels and excites nerves, and then it disturbs the sleeping pattern of the person. The blue light emitted from smartphone or laptop screens can increase the inflammation level of the skin cells. 

Source = Extra.ie

How to protect yourself against the blue light and restore your skin?

According to some research, people should use skincare products with antioxidants and zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is good to create protection for the skin against blue light. Also, niacinamide helps to create a protective barrier for the skin to prevent any skin damage.

The best thing is to limit your screen time, which is good for your skin and good for perfect your well-being.

It is also said that BB creams are scientifically proven to reduce the effect of blue light. 

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Taking some Vitamin C supplements or having fruits that are good sources of vitamin C will help recover your skin cells. 

Source = Storyv

These were some of the measures to protect your skin against blue light and to recover your skin.



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