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Best night skincare routine for men to follow!

A good skincare routine has become important for our lives. If you face acne or dullness of your skin, you can surely try out a good skincare routine so that you can face less irritation and redness on your face and reduce your acne. By taking a good skincare routine you can have the satisfaction that you are taking care of yourself.

Throughout the day the surface of your skin may develop dead skin cells, bacterias or you may feel that your face is oily and sweaty throughout the day. Because of these reasons, it is that following a night skincare routine is the best way to make your skin healthier. One more reason is that at night, the skin absorbs and replenishes while you sleep and therefore a night skincare routine is a must.

Given below are 5 simple steps that will make your skin surely healthy. Note that you should choose the products as per your skin type but the steps are the same to follow.

The 5 steps are:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer 


Washing your face before moving onto the next step is important even if it is morning or night. Cleansing helps to remove oil and bacteria from your face and if you have applied any sunscreen or moisturizer before, it is better to wash your face. Cleansing your face will also help your skin to absorb all the products that you will apply after this step. All you have to do is wash your face with warm water then apply a small amount of cleanser to your face and massage for about 30 seconds. Wash your face again and tap gently with a soft towel. Notes to choose the products according to your skin type. For example, guys with dry skin should use products that have a creamy formula, and oily skin should use gel formula.

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2. Tone: 

Toning your skin is especially good when you have acne. Toning is simple as we have to just dab your toner on a cotton pad and then rub it all over your face and neck. If you don’t have a cotton pad, you can use your palms to just dab on your forehead, cheeks, neck, and massage some time with your fingertips. For acne, one should use a toner with lactic or salicylic acid. For dark spots and aging one should use a toner with glycolic acid.

Source = mybeautygym

3. Serum:

The serum is a really important part of this routine. Just pour two to three drops of serum on your fingertips, rub your hands together and massage your face. If you want your skin to look healthy then you can try hyaluronic acid. For hyperpigmentation or dullness, you can use brightening serums. For acne, one can use a salicylic acid serum.

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4. Eye cream : 

The skin underneath your eyes is really thin and sensitive. But eye creams are safe as they can reduce puffiness and dark circles. Just apply a small amount of eye cream under your eyes and massage gently. To depuff under your eyes cream with gel consistency is usually used. For anti-aging, the eye creams are creamier. For dark circles, Vitamin C included eye creams are in use. 

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5. Moisturizer:

Moisturizing skin at night is good to keep your skin nourished and soft. Apply some moisturizer on your face and massage gently until the product absorbs into your skin. 

Source – oksana care

That’s it! This was all about your night skincare routine to keep your skin healthy.



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