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Dog’s owner books the entire business class cabin for the dog!

Dogs and humans always have a special relationship as dogs play the role of great protector and the best friend too. You may have seen many videos on the internet where the dog’s owner loves their dog a lot and treats them like their baby too. You may have also seen many owners buy expensive clothes or accessories and build a perfect home for the dog. Many news surfaces on the internet where the owner sometimes buys so expensive things for their dogs that it becomes a headline. And this type of news never fails to amaze us. Well, recently one such surprising thing has surfaced on the internet!  

Well, can you ever believe that a dog owner books a whole business class cabin of a flight for a dog? Well, this woman passenger did so where she booked an entire business class cabin on a flight for her pet dog and this has surprised everyone. In this bizarre incident, this woman passenger was traveling with her pet Maltese, named Bella, as she was traveling from Mumbai to Chennai on Air India. As she was traveling she booked the entire business class cabin just for her dog to travel in. Well, this is surely the trip of a lifetime for the dog as a dog will surely enjoy the entire cabin to itself. 

Is it hard to believe? Well, the airline officials have confirmed this news. Chennai airport officials told ANI, “Bella traveled in business class on Air India on Mumbai Chennai flight AI 671 on September 15, 2021. The passengers had booked all business class seats.” But as the airline officials have some company policy they were not able to share further details on it. But it came to know that the owner and the dog were traveling on Air India flight AI671 on September 15, which included 12 business class seats. And as per the Air India pet policy, this policy only allows a maximum of 2 pets per domestic flight. And in addition to this one business class ticket will cost up to 20,000 while traveling from Mumbai to Chennai. So according to the report of ANI, that means the woman spent over rupees 2 lakhs to travel with her pet in luxury and to give her pet the space of a whole business class cabin!

The Air India sources also said that they were surprised as they found out that the passenger had booked the entire business class as it is very rare. They said that it was not uncommon to see pets taking a flight in economy class. An Air India source said that sometimes even hamsters are seen on their flight but it is uncommon that a whole business class cabin is booked for a dog. An Air India source said, “we have seen dogs and cats on numerous occasions in economy class once we even had hamsters on a flight from Delhi to Chennai.” Well for those who want to travel with their pets in India say that it is possible in cargo or a cabin but the health and rabies vaccination certificate should be provided. The source said that the weight of the bat should be less than 5 kg and the animal must be carried in a soft ventilated bag or a kennel. 

As the flight left Mumbai at 9 a.m. and landed in Chennai at 10:50 a.m, the dog got all the attention as it walked out of the terminal.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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