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Want to try a soda that tastes like cup noodles? Know the place here!!

Testing weird combinations of food nowadays have become a trend worldwide. People are more interested to mix and match two or more flavors of the food or even different types of food to make a new trend of a food type. From deep fry water to Maggi milkshake, this shows that people are now concentrating more on creating food combos, which most of the time because of failure or is too weird to watch. Well recently this Japanese company has launched one such weird combination of flavored soda, and there is a big twist here!

This wants to surprise everyone when people get to know about the upcoming product of the Japanese brand Nissin Cup Noodles, and after knowing the news, people are not sure how to react to it. But maybe it is good news for the fans of noodles and soda because now you can take a sip of the noodle or you can chew your soda! Well, directly coming to the point, this Japanese food chain has now come off with a mind-blowing recipe of noodles flavored soda, and people are not getting over with this idea. This Japanese company was founded in 1971 and as they have completed their 50 years of business, for the commemoration of the day they have introduced this new product, which is their special noodles flavor soda. 

The Nissin company shared this news on Twitter as they posted it on their official Twitter profile. The post is action in the Japanese language but when it is translated the tweet stated that the company is now watching its fans try out the new product. The treat has now gained more than 50 k likes and also more than 40 k retweets on the microblogging platform. The company has introduced the four best flavors of the soda, that is, Cup noodles seafood soda, Cup noodles soda, Cup noodles curry soda, and Cup noodles chili tomato soda. 

According to a report published by Japan today, they have mentioned the exact flavors of the soda. The report stated, “the cup noodles soda is said to be a ginger ale-style soda, that contains the Aroma of salty sauce and pepper while the cup noodles seafood soda uses a cream soda style base with a hidden hint of seafood. The cup noodle curry soda is a cola style soda finished with curry spices and the cup noodles chili tomato soda is a tomato style soda with a refreshing tingle that gently stimulates the taste buds.”

Well, this news was shocking to all the netizens and it is quite surprising as it seems like the first time that someone has announced this type of noodles flavored soda product. And talking about Cup noodles fans they have also shared mixed reactions to the announcement. While some of them have refused to take a sip, well few felt compelled to try out the new product. 

Have a look at some comments here:

  • “Seafood accented cream soda!”
  • “Oh no no no what I have done.. midnight brain made me order the Nissin cup noodles 50th-anniversary soda and Umaibo set. Wonder how these are going to taste.”
  • “I..m I kinda wanna try these
  • “Whattttttttttttttttttttttttt”
  • “Oh my God, a salty soda!”
  • “This is so cursed the and yet I need to try it”
  • “Please tell me this isn’t a ramen flavored soda. I am not gone a Google translate this so I can stay in blissful ignorance”
  • “How about we just stop RIGHT THERE”
  • ” I wanna try it”
  • ” Thanks, I hate it”

People have surely given many mixed reactions to this weird Cup noodle soda!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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