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Do’s and don’ts to stay happy in the current pandemic time

Showing me the current pandemic situation can prove to be very much stressful especially when people are facing so much trouble in their new normal life. Many have faced losses in business, many are faced pay cuts and some are still trying to get adjusted in their life of work from home or online schooling. The life-threatening virus is surely something that can create anxiety and I love the stress among people and especially for the ones who are stuck alone far away from their families, have been chasing the huge problem of feeling low and lonely full stop at a time like this when you are self and time for your own and for other 60 it is better to think and do positive things rather than seeing the negative aspects. So here are a few do’s to stay happy and healthy in this pandemic period.

  1. Maintaining social distance but having social connection: it can be really boring to stay within 4 walls for months and months without getting in contact with your friends, relatives, and family and thus it is good to spend some of the time contacting your colleagues and friends sharing your thoughts and views about the day. Using social media networks within a limit is really good and also several platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter give a good opportunity to be innovative and share your ideas. So make a voice using it.
  2. Stay active: maintaining physical as well as mental health is important during this pandemic and thus it is advised to stay active mentally. Advantages of platforms like YouTube and find whatever you find interesting and do learn new stuff from it.
  3. Have a goal set: it’s better to have a goal set when you have a lot of time to spend on something useful. To find the period you can follow your heart and do what you like but put your time in doing useful things and achieve your goal as you will surely have a lot of leisure time and by this way, you will also stay distracted.


  1. Stressing over an issue: when there was an outbreak of the coronavirus the news got many people stressed and it led to panic shopping to store the groceries and fear of getting infected from the virus which again led to anxiety. Now as people are working from home remotely the stress of completing the work on time before the deadline along with managing your family and the process of separating professional and personal time is also high. So stressing over small things will only lead to disaster and it is advised to distract yourself rather than thinking about negative things.
  2. Overeating and sleeping: again due to lockdown, people have a lot of time in their hands and how to spend it depends upon you. Staying home is indeed boring but to spend your time overeating, stuffing yourself with junk food or oversleeping is surely not a good idea. Also meeting a properly balanced life at this period is very much essential, that is to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep and to have three meals properly every day is important.
  3. Spending time on electronic devices: Platform such as Amazon Prime or Netflix along with other social media platforms have reported that the user’s on the platform in the past few months have drastically increased that means more and more people are spending more time on electronic devices surfing online rather than spending time on themselves and it should be seriously looked into.


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