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Why is hydration a key to increase immunity?

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the talk of ways to fight the virus is all around.  From avoiding junk food and unhealthy food to eating food that is rich in protein and fiber, there have been many articles and advice given by professionals to boost your immune system and immunity. But one of the basic things that can keep you healthy and can build up your immune system is to stay hydrated. WHO recommended consuming water over sodas and drinks that contain a lot of sugar content. Well, it is true that our immune system is highly dependent on nutrients in our blood and the best way to live a healthy life is to drink more water as the bloodstream is mostly made of water.

Why is it important to drink ample quantity of water?:

It is commonly recommended to have at least 3 liters of water every single day to stay hydrated and to maintain your health. Also for the proper functioning of your body, it is important to consume ample amounts of water as water carries oxygen to the body cells. To help your immune system to stay protected from the toxins in your body it is highly advised to drink more water and a glass of water with some lemon juice is again a great source of vitamin c to boost up your immune system. It can easily help you to prevent any disease and also helps to prevent you from getting attacked by an infection or virus. To make a note of staying dehydrated will affect once long cells and chronic dehydration can also lead to the risk of cellular fluid leakage. With this, your lungs may get more affected and the risk of getting the covid-19 virus also increases which will lead to respiratory distress.

Ways to consume water:

Drinking plain water can simply keep you hydrated but it is always advised to have lukewarm water with lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and honey once a day especially in the mornings. Always do replace sugar with honey as it is good for your health and also health professionals have a device to have green tea because of its medical uses. Another great way to consume water is by boiling it with a crushed cardamom pod and having it every morning as cardamom is a culinary spice used in most other parts of India. It surely is good for lung health and increases the airflow to your lungs enhancing your immune system too. Consuming cardamom water will also help you to decrease high blood sugar levels and it also kills bacteria in your mouth. There are also many medicinal uses of drinking water with medicinal herbs like dry ginger, Fenugreek, aur by simply adding Tulsi in water can also increase the medicinal properties and can make good herbal water for you to consume.



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