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Here are the best sites where you can find amazing virtual e books to read.

Reading books is surely a great way to access knowledge and to keep yourself entertained. Well, being stuck in a house for months now many people have found different ways to keep themselves away from getting bored and reading books of different generations is one of the best ways for sure. The only issue that arises is that several sites do not provide legal and free books or they don’t have different varieties of books to read which upsets the readers. So here we are with an article to inform you about some of the best sites which provide different virtual books trending in 2021.

  • The online books page: This site is a very promising source for book lovers and if you are looking for e books that cover news, archives and inside stories then this site is truly made for you.

  • Google books: Google books provides a huge collection of books and we can explore them easily in its library by just searching the name of your favourite book’s author or by searching for the title of a book that you want to read. Also you can easily search for free books by selecting “free Google books” from the drop down list.

  • ManyBooks: It is a great site to download different books for free and is mainly renowned to have a great collection of classic books. With good categorisation and download formats many books are available here for free and Jolly readers will get to explore interesting genres here. You can browse the books depending upon the titles or author names or even by selecting the language.

  • Open library: It is a great easy to navigate website where more than 1 million books are available for readers to read and are available freely online too. Open library e has some of the best books collection and along with that and as the website is very user-friendly you can easily search for books which are free to read here.

  • 24Symbols: The website also allows you to read free books online and at the same time you can also subscribe here by creating an account. If you create an account on this website it will easily connect with your Facebook account on your device and by this way you can read books for free on several platforms. Readers will get to explore them by the author name or language or even alphabetically.

  • FeedBooks: this site is famous for having a trending and advanced books collection. Well readers can read the free books or even pay to read some of the amazing books found here. Different categories and genres of books from fiction to nonfiction are also present here and the site itself has a huge fan following. Users use the site without requirement of any registration and download the book in the form of PDF too.


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