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Edtech startup Skill-Lync raises around $17.5 million in series.

Engineering focused at tech startup Skill-Lync has raised around $17.5 million in series by a venture growth investor back in global tech companies. It is in India and the participation from Y Coimbatore and better capital is also seen in the round. The co-founder of FlipKart Binny Bansal, and the ex Flipkart co-founder of xto 10 x, Sai Krishnamurthy along with Rashmi Kwatra who is the founder of Sixteenth Street Capital have joined hands altogether to be the investors. 

In its entire history, it is the largest series round bi an edtech startup. The Skill -Lync will be using the capital to increase the number of courses that their company will be offering. A strong management system and a team that expands the business to the international market are what they are looking into for now. Co-founder and CEO of Skill Lync, Suryanarayan P says that the space between the industries expects and what the students learn during the engineering education leads to a global shortage of high-quality engineering talent that many companies require. 


The habit of adapting to the new technologies that are out literally every single day by industries has also created a requirement for constant upskilling of the people who are into the engineering field. The requirement of the heart is to have professionals who have skills  in engineering and who have knowledge of engineering fundamentals at the same time.

 It is important for the engineers now to know how to implement the fundamentals to solve the real-world problems and come up with the trendiest engineering solutions through design and simulation tools by adopting the latest technology that the industry requires. He also said that the edtech startup provides industrial courses which are very much useful for the students who like this field.

 It includes mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer science engineering domains, and students learning in these domains in India and also in the other parts of the world can make use of the courses to know about the current trend in the industries. Sarangarajan V Iyengar co- co-founder of Skill Lync, speaks on how the Skill Lync will double down on developing corporate partnerships to understand the future talent requirements. The motto is to offer excellent learning outcomes to the students enrolling in the courses. The team will be building in-house high-end engineering teams to offer services to students. 

Well, currently the startup has collaborated with 800 plus industries but also has people working full time with extensive experience in the industry including Bosch, Cummins, ABB, Samsung, and Accenture. Anand Prasanna, Managing Partner of Iron Pillar said that “Engineering education and upskilling outside of computer science has seen very little digital disruption over the last two decades. 

This combined with the ever-expanding need for the real world interdisciplinary applications of engineering in today’s world creates a unique opportunity to establish a multi-billion dollar global company with deep modes in the space”.



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