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Euphoria BTS Jungkook Euphoria crosses 260 million streams on Spotify!

BTS Jungkook is again taking the internet by storm with his solo song Euphoria. The 23-year-old beautiful song crosses 260 million streams on Spotify and fans continue to stream it more. #Euphoria260M is currently trending on Twitter where fans are posting several congratulatory messages to the talented performer. 

The 23-year-old has also hit No 1 Billboard’s World’s Digital Song Sales and he always tends to surprise his fans with his talented personality. The release of Jungkook’s Euphoria took place initially on August 24 2018 as a track from the BTS beautiful album named “Love Yourself: Answer”. The amazing song got instantly hit as it really managed to touch the ARMY’s hearts. 

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The composition of the song is by Candace Nicole Sosa and people who wrote the song include Big Hit label employees including Supreme Boi, Adora, and none other than BTS’s famous leader and talented member RM. It instantly made the headlines as the song received over 200 million plays just in 875 days and also after so many years it continues to break all the records. 

It was on July 13th when the song reached the top of the Billboard world digital song sales chart worldwide. Over these months the term Euphoria, and euphoric, has been trending at several platforms worldwide where fans never took a step back in showering their love and support to the artist and the song. A have been congratulating the main vocalist Jungkook for the song again becoming a superhit and crossing over 260 million crossing over 260 million streams on Spotify. 

Netizens have many showing their love for the musician by sharing snapshots and tweets from all around the world. Along with that, another thing that is trending today is BTS Taehyung’s Sweet Night crossing 150 M streams.

 Another amazing song by BTS member V which was out for Netflix’s “Itaewon Class” is trending again. The song is a direct reference to the show’s DanBam pub and the composition and lyrics were by none other than V himself. The song is a perfect soothing song and though it has objectively heartbreaking lyrics, the composition of the song is very comforting for sure. The title of the song is actually the direct translation of the pub name and it also well explains the series as it holds a very special meaning for the main character of the series named Park Sae-roy. 

Fans have been congratulating both the talented artists from the boy band group of BTS for their work and thanking them for contributing one of the most beautiful songs of all time. It is a very proud moment for Big Hit as well as all the BTS members as both the “Maknaes” of the group are doing really well with their songs. Surely it is a great day to celebrate and ARMY is making sure to trend the #Euphoria260M on Twitter as much as they can.

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