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Elon musk shares a throwback video of Bill Gates on David Letterman’s show!

Elon Musk previously hit the headlines as he got a title by The Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year 2021’, and now once again he has given no use content for social media users by sharing a throwback video. The video features Bill Gates’ appearance on David Letterman’s show. As per the reports the video traces back to 1995 where the TV host is seen mocking the business magnate for backing the internet. Talking about the interview, The Tesla CEO shared the TikTok video once again on his official Twitter handle which is spreading like wildfire now. The Tik Tok video was initially shared on December 20 and the clip was earlier shared on This Week In Startups TikTok account. The very well known American internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis is also spotted watching the old clip from The David Letterman Show. 

Well in the video you can see Calacanis giving a brief introduction to the television show where his instant responses to the interview are visible. In the split screen, Letterman can be heard questioning Bill Gates,”…what about this internet thing, do you know anything about that?” The 1990s audience laughs out loud as Bill Gates says “Sure.” “What the hell is that exactly,” questions Letterman. To his question, Bill Gates answers,” Well, it has become a place where people are publishing information so everybody can have their own homepage. Companies are there… its wild what’s going on. You can send electronic mail to people. Its the big new thing.” the fact that a baseball game can be heard and watched on a computer was shocking to Letterman. 

He also later stated that he is criticizing something he does not fully aware with. “But you know, its easy to criticize something you don’t fully understand, which is my position here. But I can remember, a couple of months ago there was like a big breakthrough announcement that on the internet or on some computer deal they were going to broadcast a baseball game… you could listen to a baseball game on your computer and I just thought to myself does radio ring a bell?” 

The people present over there laugh out loud while Bill Gates points out the nuances of the internet. “There is a difference. It’s not a huge difference, you can listen to the baseball game whenever you want,” he said. “So its stored in one of your memory deals and you can access it one year later,” Letterman says. Again hr mocks, “Do tape recorders ring a bell?” Calacanis comes up, defending the internet towards the end of the clip. 

“Its so easy now to look back on that and say well it’s global, it’s free and it’s accessible 24 hours a day for free and anybody can publish to it whereas only a small number of people can publish to the radio, right? “There is a gatekeeper so we never even got to the gatekeeper part of this and those would be the other reasons that this is incredible. This is triggering all these discussions, I used to have where I tried to explain the internet to people when I was 23, 24. And that’s I think what’s happening now with web3,” he further added in the video. 

The video has now got more than 4 million views. Social media users were seen sharing their interests towards technological development in the comments section of the post. Musk replied to his tweet, “I’m not suggesting web3 is real – seems more marketing buzzword than reality right now – just wondering what the future will be like in 10, 20 or 30 years. 2051 sounds crazy futuristic!” 



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