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Wonderful Job by Delhi Police helped a patient get his lungs transported within 16 minutes ! Know how!

Social media is not only filled with many entertaining videos but also spreads news that makes us so proud of people around us. Currently the news of the hard work of Delhi traffic police is hitting the headlines and all the netizens are super happy with the team’s efforts. The South District Delhi Traffic Police went ahead to create a Green Corridor.The step was taken by the team in order to help transport live lungs. The lungs were being transported from the airport to a health facility.

 The health facility was located in Saket and they had to transport the lungs during rush hour. On Wednesday,people came to know about this effort done by the Delhi police and they have all highly appreciated the traffic police for their hard work. As per the given media reports, the distance the day had to fill was around 20 kilometers from IGI airport to Max hospital. The hospital located in Saket was reached by them within 16 minutes. They started from the airport at 10:40 am and reached the hospital at 10:56 am. Well it is true that it usually takes more than one hour to cover this distance especially when you have to travel during peak hours. The time limit for transplanting live organs is often limited to seven to eight hours. Talking about the heavy traffic congestion, the ambulances often lose critical time and to tackle this, green corridors were made. Green corridors are a system where multiple stakeholders like health authorities and traffic police work together. They all together work to expedite the process of moving a vital organ from point A to point B. 

The entire transporting mission is conducted in as little time as possible. This great thing done by the delhitrafficpolice was shared online by Raman Aggarwal (@Raman_Agg) on December 23, 2021. The traffic police made sure that there is no congestion on the green corridor route. When the live organs were being transported, all traffic signals were paused for the vehicle carrying the organs. The ambulance in which the organs were transported was also allowed to go over the speed limit. By this way they saved a lot of time to reach the hospital. In the beginning, this system was created and followed to manage only critical medical emergencies. 

Well, nowadays the officials are following this method and it is widely used for organ transplantation. As per the information by Donate Life, an NGO that works in coordinating smooth and speedy organ transportation stated, “In India, the concept of the green corridor has been in use since 2014. Chennai was the first city to incorporate this concept. An ambulance carried a heart to save the life of a 21-year old and covered a distance of 12kms in just 14 minutes.”  Few days back, an ambulance carrying live organs reached KIMS Hospital in Hyderabad in just three minutes. 

The ambulance started from Begumpet Airport, and they managed to reach the hospital swiftly without many issues and why not face a lot of traffic on their way. All thanks to efficient management the all together efforts of all the officials who executed the plan of the green corridor very well successfully. Netizens were really proud and praised the entire team in the comment section of the post sharing the views and thoughts on how well the team functioned in order to execute their plan.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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