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Empire of Light: Release Date, Cast, and Other Information

After all, a movie is “an illusion of life, so you don’t notice the gloom.” Of course, there is much more to this lovely art that we developed about 200 years ago. But this line from Empire of Light sums up how we’ve seen movies for a long time. The romantic drama directed by Sam Mendes is a tribute to this genre, suggesting comparisons between the film’s enchantment and interpersonal relationships. Empire of Light, which stars Oscar-winners Olivia Colman and Colin Firth, follows characters who work in a theatre in an English seaside town and is a heartwarming tale about love, life, and art. The film, set in the 1980s, a pivotal sociocultural era in Britain’s modern history, also tackles important themes like racism and exploitation.

Despite the gloom of its subject matter, Empire of Light is a brilliant beacon of light because of its ensemble cast and breathtaking cinematography. Empire of Light received plaudits for its directing and performances at recent screenings at the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie, scheduled for release in December, arrives just in time for the holidays. Check out our comprehensive guide below to learn everything we know about Empire of Light, including the romantic period drama’s plot, trailer, release date, cast, and characters.

Empire of Light

Empire of Light Release date

On Friday, December 9, 2022, Empire of Light is slated for release in theatres around the country. The film will be available in the UK on January 13, 2023. In September 2022, the film debuted at the 49th Telluride Film Festival and received a special screening at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival.

The cast of Empire of Light  

The cast of Empire of Light is outstanding, with Colin Firth and Olivia Colman leading the way. Along with well-known actors including Toby Jones, Micheal Ward, Tom Brooke, Tanya Moodie, Hannah Onslow, and Crystal Clarke, as well as Monica Dolan, Sara Stewart, Ron Cook, and Justin Edwards in various parts, they are joined by the cast members.

In the lead part, Colman portrays Hilary Small, a theatre employee, alongside Ward as Stephen, a new hire who forms an odd friendship with Hilary, Firth as Mr. Ellis, Hilary’s manager, and Jones as Norman, a theatre projectionist. Brooke plays Neil, Moodie Delia, Onslow Janine, Clarke Ruby, Dolan Rosemary Bates, Stewart Brenda, Cook Mr. Cooper, and Edwards Jim Booth, among other characters.

Sam Mendes, who co-wrote the script with Pippa Harris and directed and produced the movie, is the author of the historical romantic drama plot. Mendes is a well-known director primarily recognized for his earlier nominated works, including American Beauty, Skyfall, and 1917. In addition, he has worked as an executive producer for other television programs, including Penny Dreadful and Britannia. As said in an interview, Empire of Light appears to be his love letter to movies and contains elements from his personal experience.

The plot of Empire of Light  

The 1980s, a crucial decade in the UK’s social, political, and cultural history, are the setting for Empire of Light’s story and play a significant role in both the storyline and the narrative.

The Empire theater’s staff and their battles with their own emotions are the focus of Empire of Light. The film focuses on how they find odd friendships in stunning locations. Empire of Light is primarily a stirring and moving tale of human relationships and lives. Despite having a romantic theme, the movie also tackles critical societal issues that were prevalent in Britain and are still relevant now.

Empire of Light

The story revolves around Hilary, who manages the front-of-the-house duties at The Empire theatre in a seaside town in England. But she is also taken advantage of by her manager, Mr. Ellis, due to her position. Then Stephen, a fresh hire at the theatre, shows up, and the two instantly click. While she struggles with her problems, Stephen’s life is in danger due to widespread racism. The two look to one another for safety as they are furious with the world around them. But that solace might not last forever, just like the theatre itself. Consequently, a bizarre analogy is drawn between these two wounded souls and a theatre that brings joy to its audience. Because “nothing is possible without light,” after all.


When was the last time you entered one of those vintage movie theatres with the plush marquee and the red velvet seats with sparkling, dazzling lights? Empire of Light’s official trailer gives you a glimpse into ancient times. The video begins with a voiceover by Toby Jones discussing what cinema does to viewers and how a film is presented. As the clip cuts between scenes, it discusses the grandeur of cinema and the atmosphere of a traditional theatre. The trailer effectively depicts a balance between light and darkness, the film’s primary subject, both literally and symbolically. The main characters are also introduced in the trailer, especially those portrayed by Colman and Michael Ward, who emphasize camaraderie. The cast’s performances appear outstanding, set against stunning photography and iconic 80s themes from outward appearances.


What happens in the movie Empire of Light?

In the 1980s, a romance blossoms in a stunning ancient theatre on England’s south coast.

When does Empire of Light take place?

The 1980s setting of Empire of Light is the talk of the town right now for sure.

The Empire of Light was filmed where?

Cast members Tanya Moodie, Crystal Clarke, Toby Jones, and Colin Firth were in December. Shooting at Margate, Kent, on the Isle of Thanet, started on February 7, 2022. A late February casting announcement included Tom Brooke and Hannah Onslow. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross wrote the score for the movie.

Empire of Light’s author?

The author is Sam Mendes. British director, producer, and screenwriter Sir Samuel Alexander Mendes is famous for his work in both film and theatre. Mendes received a CBE in 2000 for his contributions to drama, and in the 2020 New Years’ Honours List, he was knighted.

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