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The remake of our favorite Nemo is all set to air on Netflix as “Slumberland”

The newest children’s fantasy book to be included on the list of Netflix originals slated for release in 2022 is Slumberland. In November, Netflix will start streaming this live-action adaptation of Winsor McKay’s 1905 comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. The first full-length feature film adaptation of the original comics was the Japanese animated film Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland in 1989. 

Since the two of them already collaborated on Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, this will be their second project together. Chernin Entertainment, with Peter Chernin as CEO, David Ready as EVP, Jenno Topping, and the rest of the team, co-produced the film. Soon after Lawrence was named director, Netflix bought the rights to Slumberland, and filming was supposed to start that summer. However, because of the epidemic, the movie was postponed until February 2021. About 3 months of filming were completed on May 19 of that year.


Slumberland: About 

In the new reimagining, the main character has been altered from being a little boy named Nemo who first appeared in the comics and the previous film adaption to becoming a young girl named Nema. The name “Nemo,” or in this case, “Nema,” is of Greek origin and roughly translates to “Nobody.” It is associated with seafaring tales like Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues. Why is this relevant to Slumberland? They often travel alone, although they do make a few pals along the way.

It is a world founded on hopes, but also on fears (yes, like The Sandman). You may wish for anything there, and it will come true. She discovers a cryptic map after his death that purports to direct her to Slumberland. That night, when she drifts off to sleep, she awakens on top of her is now on a magical bed and finds herself being carried into that dimension. 

Slumberland: Cast and Crew 

Slumberland on netflix is also working on a number of new projects, such as Spirited, a musically enhanced modern retelling of Charles Dickens’s famous book A Christmas Carol scheduled for release on Apple TV+ in 2022. In HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones, Momoa is most recognized for his depiction of Khal Drogo, the leader of the Dothraki people.

He may be seen driving a mysterious dreamland car in the trailer alongside Nema and Flip. The movies Bloodline, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Game Night made Chandler famous. India de Beaufort, who was most recently seen in the movie Kimi, and Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids) have both been cast in an undisclosed part.

Slumberland: Release 

On November 18, 2022, Slumberland will have its world debut. If you’re interested in watching the 1989 animated version of Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland, you may find it accessible to stream on a number of platforms like Roku, Tubi, and Prime Video. 


Faqs on Slumberland 

Is Little Nemo the basis for Slumberland?

Based on Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in the Slumberland series of comic books. A brand-new live-action movie adaptation will be produced exclusively for Netflix, according to a January 2020 announcement. Francis Lawrence will helm the movie, which will star Nema, a gender-flipped version of the title character.

Slumberland: A Remake or Not?

Warner Bros. will release Little Nemo by the name of Slumberland: Adventures in Slumberland in 2023 as an animated CG movie. Warner Animation Group and Pictures. It is a remake of the 1989 movie, which was bombed at the box office; nevertheless, the 2023 remake was a tremendous hit, mostly because a new plot was added from the 1989 movie.

What happens in the movie Slumberland?

A little girl finds a hidden map to the dreamland of Slumberland, and with the aid of an esoteric outlaw, she travels through dreams and escapes from horrors in the hope of finding her deceased father.

Slumberland indeed will be most loved by its comic lovers, since the announcement from netflix, fans truly can’t wait for its release in november to watch it. 

In her dreams, a little girl named Nema journeys to a mythical world in quest of her absent father with the assistance of a gigantic half-man, half-monster creature. Nema is made to go in with her distant uncle Philip, who is uninteresting and unrelated to Peter. In her fantasies, Nema finds a place named as Slumberland.

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