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Ever tasted Chocolate Chai? This is how the netizens react to it!

Chai is something that more than half of the population in India are addicted to. There are so many versions of Chai and many people cannot even start their day without a cup of tea. A refreshing cup of chai is all you want to get ready for a long day. Well, with different versions of Chai currently a unique mix of Chai and chocolate is taking the internet by storm. Nowadays many people are indeed trying to mix already existing ingredients with new ones to make new dishes and to create new versions of already existing famous dishes. Now, the chocolate chai has joined the list. 

A cup of tea with a lot of fresh cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips over it is what makes this Chocolate Chai. Well, a Kolkata shop came up with an idea to create it. The stall is offering Chocolate Chai to customers and a food blogger named Amar Sirohi came to know about it. He shared a video of himself trying this unique chai and giving a review about it. Well, the fact that he had a completely honest reaction and was open about its taste after tasting the Chocolate Chai has left social media users amazed. Also, the video has now got more than 3 lakh views.

The Food blogger Amar Sirohi shared the video around 5 months ago on his official YouTube channel as well as on his Instagram account. Well, the video has now gone crazy viral on the Internet once again and is getting shared wildly on several social media platforms.  In the beginning of the video, you can see the food blogger visiting the shop and showing his viewers how the Chocolate chai is made. Well, first the milk tea is poured into classic clay cups and then the cup is loaded with cream. Later things get funny when chocolate syrup and chocolate chips are added to it. In the video description, it is mentioned, “This place in Kolkata serves Chocolate Chai. Famous Chocolate Tea of Kolkata.”

Well, there might indeed be many people who love chocolate as well as chai but separately. The thought of mixing both to have chocolate chai is what that not many social media users were impressed with. Chocolate drinks are very famous but this Chocolate Chai did not impress Amar Sirohi and his viewers. After tasting the chai, the food blogger was sent saying “Agar aap chai pasand karte ho aur aapne ye peeli, gaaliyan doge (If you are someone who loves tea and you happen to taste this drink, you will be agitated).”  He also added “Chai ke sath bohot hi ghinona mazak hua hai.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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