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Everyone Watched The Korean Web Series Squid Games On Netflix But Did You Know How That Series Changed the Life of 77 Years Old O Yeong Su ?

Squid Games, a famous South Korean web series that debuted on Netflix in 2021, has broken all Netflix audience records. The performers that appeared in this drama web series have received a lot of attention. O Yeong Su, 77, is one such performer who came to fame after working in Squid Games. His life has been radically transformed as a result of the popularity of this web series. Every day, the actor receives hundreds of calls and texts from family and friends.

O Yeong Su portrayed an elderly man in the survival drama series, and his name has become well-known not only in his country but also around the world. Squid Games was recently nominated for The Golden Globe Awards 2022, and the 77-year-old was given the award for Best Supporting Actor in the series Squid games.

O Yeong Su said he never expected his life to alter at a moment when he want to die. The prize has made him joyful and given him hope that he would survive to see another day and continue his acting career. Despite the fact that O Yeong Su only had a minor role in the series, he was able to draw in a large number of supporters and viewers.

Squid Games, he says, has entirely transformed his life, and he is unable to express his joy in words. Because he is overwhelmed by the support and love from millions of people, O Yeong Su believes it would take a few days for him to return to regular life.

The actor also stated that many of his old relatives and friends have shown an interest in seeing him and that it has become difficult for him to cope with all of this. Squid Games, a Netflix web series that premiered in September 2021, garnered waves for its mind-blowing tale concept. According to few reports, Squid Games has received 142 million views and an IMDb rating of 8/10.



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