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Everything we know about the Netflix film “Wedding Season”

Hot weather, beach excursions, and family trips from childhood are all associated with summer. Another enduring association that people of a particular age might have in mind is wedding season. The pressure to get married is palpable for those who are not married at this time of year, regardless of whether they are not interested in marriage, are in casual relationships, or are still sorting things out romantically. The chore of going to a wedding after the wedding can be challenging and emotionally taxing. It can also be financially taxing, especially at the wedding party. According to a Wedding Wire study, being a bridesmaid costs an estimated $1200 on average for each wedding. Given all of this, it makes sense why so many individuals avoid the wedding season and choose other activities.

People can sometimes relax and let their parents arrange their matches if they are active in this area. Sometimes it can feel like an unwanted encroachment. This idea is explored explicitly in the upcoming romantic comedy movie Wedding Season on Netflix.

Wedding Season Release date

Along with the filming update, Blade would hit theatres on November 3, 2023, right after Halloween, according to the Marvel SDCC 2022 panel. Although it’s still a while off, the studio has been working on this remake since 2013, so what’s a bit more time. And it certainly seems like the Wedding Season will be a fantastic film whenever it finally hits theatres.

The cast of Wedding Season  

There are some recognisable faces in the cast of characters, and many well-known performers are of South Asian heritage. Asha, the central female character who is a workaholic, is portrayed by Pallavi Sharda (Tom & Jerry, Lion). The role of Ravi is played by Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi, How I Met Your Father), an “MIT genius” who is taking a break from work to reconnect with himself. Other prominent cast members include Veena Sood (Virgin River) as Asha’s mother Suneeta, Manoj Sood (Snowpiercer) as Ravi’s father Dinesh, Ari Afsar (Hamilton) as Asha’s sister Priya, Sean Kleier (Ant-Man and the Wasp) as Priya’s husband Nick, and Rizwan Manji (Schitt’s Creek) as Asha’s father. 

Ruth Goodwin, from Private Eyes, plays Tina. Damian Thompson, from Chicago Fire, plays James, Subhash Santosh, from Mayor of Kingstown, plays Darshit, Julius Cho, from Kim’s Convenience, plays Yoshi, Natasha Krishnan, from Metamorphosis, plays Laxmi, Meher Pavri, from Royally Wrapped for Christmas, plays Pihu, Rakhee Morzaria, from What We Do in the Shadows.

The plot of Wedding Season  

The diligent millennial Asha (Pallavi Sharda) is committed to her career and success in the workplace, and boys are one thing she has no time for now. Ravi (Suraj Sharma) recently destroyed his profession to devote himself to self-discovery. They are poles apart in every way. Yet Asha’s mother (Veena Sood) insists that she at least go on a date with Ravi because she thinks the two of them are the ideal match. Asha’s date with Ravi eventually results in an agreement between the two when she gives in to her family’s relentless pressure to date and gets in a marriage. Asha and Ravi devise a plan because their pals are all getting in a marriage, and their families want to match them with partners.

They attend the season’s weddings together while acting like a couple. There are some challenges along the way, as is fitting for a romantic comedy. Their emotions shift as the wedding season progresses, and they get to know one another better. Do these two opposites fit together as a puzzle piece? There is just one method to learn. Fortunately, there won’t be much more of a wait for viewers.


On July 6, 2022, Netflix released the Wedding Season trailer. The film’s general plot is in the trailer, along with a description of the characters. Independent and focused on her profession, Asha Maurya has no spare time. We discover that her mother has taken it upon herself to have a relatively strong influence on Asha’s dating activities. Even more sneakily than Asha knew, she set up a dating profile. Here she meets Ravi, whom she encourages Asha to ask out on a date, and Asha first rejects them. On the condition that her mother deletes the profile, she finally agrees to a date and to go to the upcoming weddings to attend.

Parts of Asha and Ravi’s first date are in the trailer; it appears to be a natural swing and a miss. Ravi, who has lately taken a break from work, is the exact opposite of Asha in that he believes in working constantly. Their pretend arrangement is initial, but the teaser hints that the two are beginning to feel a connection. In one moment, Ravi smoulders, “simply let your love be larger than your fear,” while our two love interests are soaking and stranded in the storm. That is the kind of sentence that would make a romance heroine swoon. However, the teaser offers no hints of how far their romance will develop.


Where was the movie Wedding Season made?

In Toronto, Canada, principal photography started on April 19 and ended on May 31, 2021.

Where can I find a wedding season schedule?

Using Netflix

What does the wedding season entail?

In an era of weddings, Asha and Ravi pretend to date under pressure from their parents to find partners.

The release date for the wedding season?

On August 4, 2022, Wedding Season will be available on Netflix worldwide. It won’t likely be out in theatres.


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