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Date of release, cast list, and other information for Secret Headquarters

Owen Wilson will finally have the chance to portray a superhero in Secret Headquarters, even though his MCU character Mobius M. Mobius isn’t much of a superhero. Walker Scobell, who starred in The Adam Project and Percy Jackson & the Olympians, will play Charlie Kincaid, the son of Wilson’s character, Kincaid Senior, in the new family-oriented action movie.

The story revolves around Charlie and his friends as they find a hidden superhero workshop in his basement and attempt to defend it from an invading lousy guy.

The film Secret Headquarters is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and is based on a narrative by Christopher L. Yost. Josh Koenigsberg and Yost also contributed to the screenplay. The third and fourth episodes of the well-known horror series Paranormal Activity were previously written by Joost and Schulman, both famous for them. The current Jamie Foxx superhero movie, Project Power, was also directed by the team. They also worked together on Catfish and Nerve.

If you enjoy superhero movies, keep an eye out for this one. Even if you’re not, Secret Headquarters is a delightful movie you should watch.

Check out the Secret Headquarters narrative, cast, trailer, and everything else we currently know about the film before it premieres on Paramount+. It sounds like an excellent choice for a family (or even alone) movie night.

Secret Headquarters Release date

On August 5, 2022, Secret Headquarters was supposed to be in theatres. But because of the delay, the film will only be available for streaming on Paramount+ on Friday, August 12, 2022. The movie might eventually be in theatres in other countries. The superhero family-friendly action film is a Paramount Plus original. Thus, starting on August 12, 2022, Secret Headquarters will only be accessible via the streaming service. The storyline makes no mention of a timeline. However, we can reasonably infer that the scenario of this superhero action movie takes place in the present or between 2021 and the present.

The cast of Secret Headquarters  

A large group of up-and-coming actors make up the cast of Secret Headquarters, which Walker Scobell leads as Charlie Kincaid. Owen Wilson portrays Charlie’s father, a superhero who appears to be a tech expert on the cover. In addition to these two leading performers, the Secret Headquarters cast also features Michael Pena (Ant-Man), Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Keith L. Williams (Good Boys), Levy Tran (MacGyver), Jessie Mueller (Candy), Momona Tamada (The Baby-Sitters Club), Abby James Witherspoon (Boys of Summer), Michael Anthony (Raising Dion), Kezia Curtis (Dolemite Is My Name).

The plot of Secret Headquarters  

The protagonist of Secret Headquarters is not your typical, top-tier superhero who makes news. The protagonist of this tale is an ordinary parent who also happens to be a superhero. Kincaid Senior, Charlie’s father, works as an IT specialist undercover. Charlie sees an opportunity to host a party for his pals when Kincaid hurries away for a “conference” one day after school. They have no idea what they are about to learn.

They accidentally enter what appears to be a secret headquarters while playing around the house and discover that it is full of weaponry, flashy vehicles, and several expensive technologies, all of which are exclusively by superheroes. His father is a superhero as a result. Some of those “toys” will be for their gain. Unfortunately, the technology they obtain seems hazardous, and many evildoers are after it. And his father’s adversaries are quick to learn about them. As a result, Charlie and his friends band together to defend the technology and the hidden hideout from the bad guys. The difficulty is that the youngsters will also need to transform into superheroes to accomplish this.


According to what we can tell from the teaser, Secret Headquarters will be a welcome diversion from the world of swashbuckling, internationally renowned superheroes. There are also a lot of references to traditional superheroes.

According to the trailer, Wilson’s character in Secret Headquarters does an excellent job of hiding his secret identity, as his son essentially thinks of him as a wimp. That all changes when he gets a call to duty and his children’s friends decide to throw a party, which causes them to stumble across his “Batcave,” where he keeps all of his gadgets, suits, and vehicles. The trailer also reveals that Secret Headquarters, like most family movies, will rely on the young cast’s talent and charisma to put together a lighthearted story that, from the looks of it, will play out like a fun and unpretentious Marvel movie — the Iron Man references and jokes are pretty obvious and are sure to draw MCU fans.

Like you would expect from a superhero movie, the two-and-a-half-minute film is filled with outstanding VFX, lots of action, and plenty of excitement. You’ll observe Kincaid’s conflicted nature as well. On the one hand, according to his son Charlie, he is a bit frail and can’t even handle spicy wings. Then, when Charlie discovers his father’s true profession, we see an entirely another side of the typically clumsy, suburban parent.

In terms of ideas and Paramount Plus’s unique take on the superhero genre, it is new, fresh, and original.


Where will the covert HQ be located?

On August 12, 2022, Secret Headquarters is ready for Paramount+ release.

Where are the secret headquarters being filmed?

Keith L. Williams, Momona Tamada, Walker Scobell, Abby James Witherspoon, and Kezia Curtis were all revealed as cast members in June. Jesse Williams, who plays the antagonist, joined the cast in July 2021.

What will the topic of Secret Headquarters be?

A young person finds the underground base of operations of a formidable superhero and is to defend it with his companions when intruders arrive.

Is a Marvel movie called secret headquarters?

The planned American superhero movie Secret Headquarters is by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who also was on the script with Josh Koenigsberg and Christopher L. Yost.


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