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Everything We Know about the new apple tv series “They Call Me Magic” 

“Magic” Earvin In They Call Me Magic, Johnson finally tells his own tale. Johnson candidly describes his climb to become not just an NBA hero, but also a cultural figure who the world has grown to recognize as a trailblazing entrepreneur who symbolizes the social change in his community which some consider to be a very long-needed effort.

The fact that they call me magic is being released while Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is still airing is particularly intriguing. Those who see both will be able to observe how Johnson’s perspective of his time with the Lakers differs from what is depicted in HBO’s popular series.

Moreover, Winning Time viewers who opt to see Johnson’s documentary will have a better understanding of who the basketball legend was before he was given the beloved moniker Magic. That’s a period in the written program that hasn’t gotten much attention, but it’ll undoubtedly be explored in they call me magic. 

What are They Call Me Magic is about? 

They Call Me Magic is a television series that follows Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson’s incredible journey from being the face of the Los Angeles Lakers trying to create his status as an all-time NBA legend to changing the conversation about HIV and transforming into a successful entrepreneur and community activist, all while providing unprecedented access.

They Call Me Magic contains personal conversations with Magic, his family, and an all-star lineup as they call me magic docuseries traces the cinematic life of one of our era’s largest cultural icons, from his modest origins in Lansing, Mich., to becoming the global powerhouse he is today.

Is the trailer of They Call Me Magic available already?  

Yes, apple tv has released a new trailer for They Call Me Magic was also released on Apple TV+. 

They call me magic is a four-part docuseries that follows NBA icon Earvin “Magic” Johnson through his life, career, and activism.

The new series is also expected to take an extraordinarily personal look at the former basketball player’s personal life, as well as highlight how he has managed to make the most of his profession both on and off the court. The new they call me magic series is expected to premiere in late April.

They Call Me Magic had its world debut at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday. The series, directed by Rick Famuyiwa includes vintage material as well as fresh interviews with Johnson, his family, and a slew of other notable figures familiar with Johnson’s legacy.

This unique title joins the Emmy-winning Boys State, The Velvet Underground, Beastie Boys Story, and Billie Eilish: The World Is a Little Blurry on Apple TV+’s documentary lineup.

Who all will cast in ‘They Call Me Magic’ 

They call me magic should come as no surprise that Magic Johnson is the hero of They Call Me Magic, given that they call me magic is a Magic Johnson-approved docuseries about himself. Viewers will get the opportunity to hear from the NBA legend himself as he discusses the highs and lows of his illustrious career.

A plethora of Magic’s acquaintances, friends, and family assist him in recounting stories and offering their comments such as on the top of all Cookie Johnson followed by EJ Johnson, and Larry Bird the some other as LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson, Fred Stabley Jr., Shaquille O’Neil, former President Barack Obama, Dwyane Wade, and Michael Wilbon, jerry West, are among the top of those featured in the series.

The plot of They Call Me Magic 

The new teaser begins with Johnson himself, who has been ridiculed at the notion of the moniker “Magic” and the thought that no one would ever take him seriously with a name like that. He had no idea that “magic” was also what he had done on the court. He has been raised to the level of one of the finest basketball players the world has ever seen as a result of his newfound talent.

Johnson’s commitment not to let an HIV diagnosis define his life and legacy is also addressed in the teaser. They call me magic appears that the virus’s “wake-up” call also told him that he wanted to be a style icon for the Black community and that retiring the number 32 jerseys cannot be considered as the end of his career. Johnson claims that his successes in competitions pale in comparison to his contributions to society.

When will Apple Tv release They Call Me Magic?

On Friday, April 22, They Call Me Magic will have its global premiere on Apple TV Plus. Apple has not stated if all four episodes of they call me magic will be released on April 22 or if they will be released regularly. The international premiere of they calls me magic will be the first opportunity for people who will not be able to see the long-awaited film if they are unable to attend the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas in 2022.

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