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Viral emotional video: husky rescued safely from the violence in bucha.

One of the most heartwarming videos of a dog on the Internet that is going super viral is melting everyone’s heart. Every social media user, especially dog lovers, came across this video while leaving the happy tears behind. The video of a dog finally reuniting with its owner is a beautiful feeling, and many such videos are usually found on social media platforms. Well, it is an adamant time for Ukraine currently. Many people are leaving the war flood nation with all their essential belongings. People are fleeing to many other countries to be safe. Y

ou can find so many videos of people along with their pet animals and important belongings leaving their homes to shift to an unknown place as well. Many pet animals get separated from their family members and owners in the process. One such video of this beautiful dog finally meeting its people after a long time is making everyone super happy. As per the reports, the video was initially shared by the Battalion, named after Kastus Kalinowski. He is the Belarusian military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As many people are fleeing the war-torn nation. The comment section of the post has so many comments from people around the globe who were concerned for the dog. Many people also were happy that it was finally safe and was not alone for a very long time. Also, many people praise the officers who brought the dog with them back so that it could now live a safe life and was not all alone in the war zone area.

The emotional video:

As soon as it was available online, the video went instantly viral—everyone on the social media platform who came across heart touching video left with tears in their eyes. “A little bit of positivity in these difficult times,” the military unit wrote. They shared this fantastic video on their official Instagram account. “As long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of not only humans but every animal,” the Battalion added while sharing the emotional video.

Further, he also explains that the volunteers fighting with Ukraine found this dog. As per the reports, they were returning from Bucha. When the saw this dog alone, the decision to bring it with them. “Rescued the female dog, Nessie. Her family has already been found, and she will return to them tomorrow,” a Belarusian soldier from the unit said earlier while talking about the dog.

Many people from Ukraine tried their best not to leave their pets alone back. Many of them abroad the apes to the variable they are going with. Also, many countries accepted their refugees with the pet animals they brought with them. However, some people were not that lucky that they could get their sorry animal best friend with them. Many armed forces have given shelter, and few of them have adopted the animals. Many pets who were not with their family members

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