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Everything You Need to Know About Big Mouth Season 6

Watch out because Netflix is getting ready to unleash the newest season of Big Mouth, their unabashedly risqué, excessive pre-teen hormone romp of an animated series. The adult cartoon comedy is renowned for its love of profanity, human genital organs, and openly and hilariously addressing the subject of hormones and puberty. It’s about time we reviewed all we currently know about Big Mouth Season 6, which will air on October 28th, 2022, as Season 6 is quickly approaching.

Big Mouth Season 6 Release date

The sixth season of Big Mouth will premiere on Friday, October 28, 2022. Since the show has been airing each season roughly at the same time every year, the wide release of Season 6 shouldn’t surprise viewers. While Season 3 was still airing, Season 6 was scheduled for the fall of 2019.

The cast of Big Mouth Season 6  

Fortunately, Big Mouth Season 6’s main cast has not changed much from Season 5’s. Below is a list of the primary cast members and the characters they play (in some cases, quite a few).

Nick Kroll plays Nick, Coach Steve, Rick the Hormone Monster, Maury the Hormone Monster, and Lola.

As Andrew/Mint/Grandpa Andrew/Babe the Blue Ox/Detective Florez, John Mulaney in the role of Jessi Klein

As Jay, Guy, or Socrates, Jason Mantzoukas

As Missy, Ayo Edebiri

Elliot Birch/Stavros/Bob, the Hormone Monster, is played by Fred Armisen.

Maya Rudolph plays Connie, the Hormone Monstress, and Diane and Bonnie, the Hormone Monster.

Big Mouth Season 6 -1

Other members:

Jordan Peele as the Ghost of Prince, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Duke Ellington

Matthew MacDell, played by Andrew Rannells

As Barbara Glouberman, Paula Pell

As Marty Glouberman, Richard Kind

The Hormone Monster, Thandiwe Newton as Ali Wong,

Big Mouth is well recognised for having A-List actors appear as guest voice actors on the programme. Paul Giamatti, Jon Hamm, and the Queer Eye cast members, among many other well-known celebrities, have all made cameos in previous seasons. It is unknown who they will invite as guests this season, but keep an eye out for recognisable voices.

The plot of Big Mouth Season 6  

The plot of Big Mouth centres on a group of young adolescents dealing with puberty and adolescence challenges. They receive support from animals, such as Hormone Monsters, Anxiety Mosquitos, Depression Kittens, and Shame Monsters, that stand in for various facets of the experience.

Our main characters experienced a variety of story elements and advancements in Season 5, which will undoubtedly be further developed in Season 6. Throughout the season, Andrew struggled with his extreme horniness and discovered how to feel more at ease and confident in his skin. As Jessi rejects his feelings for her, Nick struggles with his broken heart. He develops a Hate Worm, but the non-animated adult version of himself played finally inspires him to get rid of it.

Big Mouth Season 6 -2

Other details:

In the meantime, Jessi discovers her sexuality and develops feelings for Ali. She neglects to spend time on her other personal relationships, particularly with Missy. Due to this and her difficulties with Devon romantically, Missy spends a large portion of the season harbouring a Hate Worm. As she gains the ability to express her emotions, boost her self-esteem, and interact with her family and friends more constructively, this Hate Worm eventually transforms into a Love Bug. Finally, Jay is also examining his sexuality. Despite the poisonous renewed romance, he is in with Lola. He decides to date Mathew to find a more emotionally secure partner. Season 6 of Big Mouth might be impacted by how Human Resources’ first season ends.

The teaser proves that both programmes take place simultaneously in the same universe. Although the universe of monsters is the focus of Human Resources, many of these creatures also feature in Big Mouth, and advancements for their characters should cross across both programmes. The growing foetus that Maurice is carrying as a result of Connie’s abuse is one event that might have an impact on the Season 6 storyline of Big Mouth. Big Mouth may also feature characters from Human Resources, which might give the season’s plotlines a surprise boost. Regardless, Season 6 sees our major characters developing and exploring.


In the teaser, Maya Rudolph’s Hormone Monster Connie (who has a crush on actor Seann William Scott) is scrolling through Instagram. Nick Kroll’s character Maury asks her to massage cocoa butter onto his growing belly as he enters the room. After some back-and-forth, the shot concludes with Connie yelling before cutting to the Netflix logo and the season 6 premiere date of Big Mouth. Despite being brief, the teaser was important in answering a significant doubt that viewers had before Season 6. Maury’s pregnancy might surprise perplexed viewers. This is because the plot involving Maury and Connie’s pregnancy originates from the finale of the Big Mouth spinoff series Human Resources, which debuted on Netflix.

The show investigated the monsters’ secret lives as they helped different people through the complexities of being human. The events of Human Resources do carry over to the events of Big Mouth, as Maury and Connie expressly state throughout the teaser. As a result, there are established continuity within the developing Big Mouth franchise universe, and the two shows are taking place simultaneously.

Netflix released the complete Big Mouth season 6 trailer on October 3, 2022. Once more announcing Maury’s pregnancy, the trailer opens with the iconic Sister Sledge song “We Are Family.” The middle-aged adolescents are then seen receiving the results of their DNA tests, with Lola learning she has three fathers, Jay learning he has a hidden half-brother, and Nick learns that his grandpa was a well-known “nipple-twisting champion.” Other sequences in the teaser show Jessi at odds with her newborn half-sister, a tease of a tribute to Bridgerton, and an exceedingly awkward webcam chat between Andrew, his parents, and his season one love interest. Sanders (no, not the US senator from Vermont)


Will there be a season 6 of Big Mouth?

Netflix released the complete Big Mouth season 6 trailer on October 3, 2022.

Is Big Mouth completed?

When Netflix has revealed significant Mouth returns for its sixth season. The fifth season of the popular cartoon show debuted in 2021 and was the last to air. Since then, a spin-off called Human Resources has debuted.

Who is the model for Jay from Big Mouth?

He continued, “On a class trip to the Statue of Liberty, our friend received her period for the first time, much like Jessi on the show. According to Vulture, another childhood friend acknowledged performing physical experiments on his pillow, serving as the Jay persona model.

Does Big Mouth have a real-life basis?

The Netflix-exclusive adult animated coming-of-age comedy Big Mouth was created by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. Kroll plays a fictional younger version of himself in the show based on Goldberg and Kroll’s suburban New York background and features teens.


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