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The limited series “From Scratch” is coming to Netflix, starring Zoe Saldana.

In the new From Scratch Netflix series, pasta and romance are combined. Based on Tembi Locke’s New York Times best-selling memoir “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home” the love story dramatizes the journey of an American student to Italy who falls in love by chance while immersing herself in the culture. The limited series, whose concept sounds like it came from a corny Hallmark movie, will also address illness and cultural shock in other episodes. The Netflix original starring Zoe Saldana is soon to be available to stream, and we have all the information you need to know before you start watching covered.

From Scratch Release date

Even though October is known for its scary movie releases, there is always time for a guilty pleasure film to watch between jump scares. From Scratch’s eight episodes will be readily accessible on Netflix beginning on October 21.

The cast of From Scratch  

In the movie From Scratch, Amy and Lino are by actors Zoe Saldaa and Eugenio Mastrandrea. Saldaa rarely shies away from the sci-fi genre despite being better famous for her parts in blockbuster films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar. It will be interesting to watch her portray a character who pursues her passion for painting and faces the obstacles that get in the way of her relationship with Lino. This is one of her few efforts in the romance genre. After being here by Reese Witherspoon to be a part of the cinematic adaptation, the actress about her emotional reaction to reading the book in an interview with People. We all know how Tembi Locke and Saro’s story ends, but their love, friendship, life, adventure, and story of their lives together are eternal, and I found it incredibly emotional as I read it.

Mastrandreia has experience in actual Italian crime movies like his co-star, but he has never attempted a romantic comedy in his acting career. Additionally, this is his current most prominent international role.

From Scratch -1

Other details:

In addition to these two, the ensemble also includes Giacomo Gianiotti from Grey’s Anatomy, Danielle Deadwyler from The Harder They Fall, Keith David from Greenleaf, Terrell Carter from Empire, Jonathan Del Arco from The Closer, Peter Mendoza from Family Food, Jonathan Dylan King from Taking the Fall, Rodney Gardiner from David Makes Man, Lucia Sardo from Alone With Her Dreams, Paride Benassai from Un pu. Nzingha Stewart, who previously worked with Netflix on her film directorial debut Tall Girl, is in charge of the series from behind the camera. She has also helmed episodes of well-known TV programs like Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, and Maid. While working on the later television production, she met Giacomo Gianotti, a cast member in From Scratch. What the actor had to say about working on another film under Stewart is as follows in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

The plot of From Scratch  

The series is based on Tembi Locke’s memoir, which includes a love tale between Amy and Lino, as was already here. Despite having grown up on opposite sides of the globe, their love for life and sincere feelings for one another propel them on an exhilarating trip. First of all, Amy is a law student who chooses to take time away from her coursework while abroad in Italy to focus on learning more about Renaissance art.

At a Sicilian restaurant, she meets chef Lino by mistake, and the two get along right away. But when they decide to emigrate to the United States and start a new life together. So, they realize it won’t be all fun and games. Lino finds it challenging to integrate into American culture and to pursue a rewarding job in cuisine overseas. Due to an unexpected diagnosis, the pair is to rely on one another. And their relatives who travel from various countries. Take a look at the Netflix official plot summary:

From Scratch -2

To get through this unexpected challenge, Amy and Lino will have to come together with their families into a cross-country assistance network. So that avoids boundaries and gets around restrictions. Amy’s perfect study-abroad summer begins with delicious cuisine, attractive company, and stunning beach vistas. But her trip quickly grows more complicated.


This opening line from the trailer introduces the emotionally charged love tale between a young American artist and an Italian chef: Their connection is strong and goes beyond just having a similar appreciation for cuisine and the arts—”In dreams, as in love, all is possible.” These two souls from different origins decide to live together in the United States and battle illness and cultural differences after realizing they may embark on an incredible journey together. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the difficulties ahead? The answer will be made known when the series airs later this week.


Is the narrative behind “from scratch” a real one?

It’s a true story, too. The memoir by actress Tembi Locke, who has starred in a variety of films including Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Eureka. Well, and Never Have I Ever, served as the basis for the movie From Scratch.

Has Netflix released From Scratch yet?

On Friday, October 21, Netflix will debut the From Scratch series. The eight episodes of the limited series’ drama and romance are ready to last eight minutes each.

Is the daughter of Tembi Locke adopted?

Locke looked after him for ten years, spending the majority of that time also raising the couple’s adoptive daughter. Well, Zoela, who is now fourteen.

What is the most popular show on Netflix?

Stranger Things was the most-watched Netflix show of all time, but despite having amassed over a billion hours of viewing. So, it couldn’t defeat Squid Game. It will take a lot to top the massive viewing figures for the Korean drama about a vicious game that still rules the platform.


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