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Everything You Need to Know About “Falling for Christmas”

The Christmas season and Halloween are the most film-heavy time of the year and frequently results in timeless works that families worldwide may watch together. Many people view the holiday season as the ideal time to engage in uplifting stories of romance and wonder that leave viewers with the cuddly, charming sensation closely associated with Christmas. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many production companies have emphasized Christmas as a critical season for their films during the past few years.

One of these production businesses, Netflix, is taking advantage of the expansion of subscription-based platforms and the rush many of us experience over the winter for holiday viewing. The Christmas Chronicles and Klaus, among others, have recently become indisputable Netflix hits with viewers and critics alike. In light of this, many people frequently wonder which movie will serve as Netflix’s signature holiday offering each year. In May 2021, we learned about a brand-new picture that will hit theatres around Christmas in 2022. Falling For Christmas was that title; it is a classic holiday story that will make viewers grin during the holiday season.

Falling For Christmas has benefited from a delayed flow of information that allows for a more continuous stretch of promotion because there was such a long time between the announcement and debut. But as Christmas approaches, interest in the movie is slowly but fittingly starting to mushroom, and more and more viewers are eager to find out more. Here is a detailed summary of all the current information about Falling For Christmas, considering all of this.

Falling For Christmas Release date

Falling for Christmas -1

It should not be a surprise that the movie will be available on Netflix since it is a Netflix original production. This appears to be the only location to watch the movie, with no confirmed theatrical distribution. On November 10, 2022, Netflix will make the movie accessible to view to match the holiday hype.

The cast of Falling For Christmas  

The most notable cast member, and frequently the most talked-about aspect of the impending release, is Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls). After a challenging decade in which Lohan with numerous personal issues, many fans erupted in cheers when it was revealed last year that she would be making a comeback on the silver screen. Alongside Chord Overstreet, who is well famous for his role as Sam Evans in Glee, she will portray one of the two leads. A cult favorite among romantic comedy fans, Lohan has a stellar reputation in the industry because of her top performance in the 2006 smash Just My Luck opposite Chris Pine. Additionally, Lohan got engaged while filming the movie in November last year.

There is a sense of expectation from the release of the movie that it will be, if nothing else, heartwarming because Lohan is starring in a movie that deals with the very same subject during a time of tremendous love in her own life. Along with many other excellent actors, the cast also includes Jack Wagner (The Bold and the Beautiful), George Young (Malignant), Blythe Howard (Walker), and Chase Ramsey (Why Women Kill).

The plot of Falling For Christmas  

Fans of romantic comedies and holiday movies will be excited by some information that Netflix has recently revealed. Christmas movies, especially those drenched in romance and comedy, capture why certain genre tropes and clichés are so effective. Around Christmas, genre tropes and stereotypes are frequently at their finest. The story centers on Lohan’s character, a recently engaged heiress who has an accident while skiing and develops amnesia. She discovers that the owner of Chord Overstreet’s lodge and his daughter are taking care of her while she is resting, and she suspects that a holiday romance is developing. A wonderfully familiar story that will thrill anybody who watches it and give stars the perfect platform.

The Netflix official plot summary is as follows:

Lindsay Lohan plays a newly engaged, privileged hotel heiress who gets into a skiing accident, loses all memory of what happened, and wakes up in the care of a charming Chord Overstreet, a blue-collar lodge owner, and his little daughter just before Christmas.


On October 7, 2022, Netflix unveiled the first trailer for Falling For Christmas, proving that it’s never too early to spread holiday cheer, even in the year’s spookiest month. The trailer opens with a speech by Lindsay Lohan and plays to her rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” (a song she famously sang in perhaps her most iconic role in Mean Girls). With a meet-cute, a small, quaint hillside village, opulent hotels, and a single-parent love interest with an impressionable young child, the video appears to encapsulate all the endearing and reassuring clichés of the yearly Christmas romantic comedies that are out.


Where can I find the 2022 version of Falling for Christmas?

The first movie in Lohan’s contract with Netflix is Falling For Christmas. Irish Wish is the next film, a romantic comedy starring Ed Speleers from Outlander. Director Janeen Damian is responsible for Irish Wish and Falling For Christmas films. On November 10, Falling For Christmas makes its Netflix debut.

Is falling for Christmas now available on Netflix?

On November 10, “Falling for Christmas” will make its Netflix debut.

What holiday film stars Lindsay Lohan?

Lohan plays Sierra in the movie “Falling for Christmas,” a newly engaged hotel heiress. So, she is who suffers from total amnesia following a skiing accident.

Where was the movie “falling for Christmas” shot?

This was in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Manning Park, and the Canadian Okanagan.


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