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Trailer for “Violent Night” : David Harbour as Santa will surprise you

As much as we adore our beloved Father Christmas, his unique film personas are always more endearing. Because of this, David Harbour’s portrayal of Santa will wow you. Violent Night, released over the holiday season, is a darker, thrilling, yet amusing interpretation of the happy celebration in which a tough Father Christmas kills evildoers. Even though it will be pretty gory and twisted, it is all in the spirit of the holiday season.

In the movie Violent Night, directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, Santa Claus defends Christmas and the day from mercenaries who attack a wealthy family’s estate. We have The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell and Bad Santa, as well as Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause.

But that’s what makes this movie exciting. That characteristic of Saint Nick is elevated to a new degree in Violent Night. This dark comedy debuts in December and merits a spot on your list of holiday films. The movie’s plot, trailer, release date, cast, characters, and everything else we currently know about Violent Night are all listed in our comprehensive guide below. Tickets have not yet gone on sale. Prepare for a genuinely wild Christmas and some season’s beatings (sorry, greetings!). So, read everything about the upcoming fantasy film on the new version of Santa Claus!

Violent Night

Violent Night Release date

On October 7, 2022, during the New York Comic Con, Violent Night will make its world premiere. On December 2, 2022, it will receive a wide cinema release.

The cast of Violent Night  

With David Harbour playing Father Noel, Violent Night has a large cast. John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Cam Gigandet, Edi Patterson, and André Eriksen play supporting parts alongside him. The gripping holiday tale portrays Harbour’s Santa as a natural person rather than the enigmatic mythological character he is typically perceived as. And he is a superhuman fighter! The Stranger Things star has already been in several action thrillers, including Quantum of Solace, The Green Hornet, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Hellboy, among others in this genre.

He has future projects like Gran Turismo, Thunderbolts, and My Dentist’s Murder Trial that you may anticipate seeing him in. Leguizamo plays Ben, the mercenaries’ leader, while D’Angelo portrays Gertrude, the family’s matriarch; Alex Hassell plays Skyler, one of Gertrude’s children, who is spending Christmas at the family estate with his wife and daughter; and Alexis Louder plays Margie Matthews, Skyler’s estranged wife, who is staying there so their daughter can have a happy Christmas.

Violent Night

The plot of Violent Night  

Santa Claus is the subject of the edgy, action-packed play Violent Night. As the title indicates, this isn’t your typical, jolly, holly Christmas narrative, but it is a Christmas story, all right. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is en route to fulfil his yearly obligation to deliver gifts to the children on his nice list. But he had no idea that some thugs would interrupt him in the middle of his work and ruin his carefully planned night. When he arrives at the house of a young girl on that list, he is immediately besieged by criminals brandishing weapons and attacked. He only wants to flee and continue with his night discreetly, but the assailants won’t allow him to do so.

So Santa shows you a side of himself that you’ve never seen or even imagined. The mercenaries hold the house and the residents captive in exchange for a hefty ransom. They fail to anticipate that Father Christmas would use all of his magical abilities to take them on and destroy them one by one as retaliation for their heinous conduct. Despite the sad turn that the happiest day of the year takes, everything will undoubtedly turn out okay because Santa will once more make it a very cheerful Christmas. Well, it’s not all bad.

Violent Night


Violent Night’s official trailer has finally been published after much fan anticipation. You don’t want to be on this Santa’s naughty list. Let us say that because he doesn’t just hand out lumps of coal to misbehaving individuals. Instead, he does something much more complex and deserving of their fate. It’s like viewing the Christmas version of Die Hard. The film’s pleasure will be watching Harbour display his acting talents while playing the most endearing and loving legendary creature, even though the short pretty much gives away the entire plot.

As you can see, the film’s title accurately describes what it is about: – When he witnesses an innocent family being attacked, Santa starts fighting with all his firearms drawn and lighting things on fire. Instant karma is the central theme of this Santa. The movie’s action-comedy trailer unmistakably shows that it will be thrilling and action-packed, making it the perfect holiday treat! View a preview of what is to come in the player above.


When Does Violent Night Come Out ?

On October 2, 2022, Violent Night will have its national theatre debut following its October 7 premiere at the New York Comic Con.

Is the horror film Violent Night ?

The planned American Christmas black comedy action movie Violent Night is directed by Tommy Wirkola and is based on a script by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. Beverly D’Angelo, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, John Leguizamo, and David Harbour are among the actors who appear in the movie.

When is the plot of Violent Night ?

Santa Claus must intervene to save the day when mercenaries attack the estate of a wealthy family (and Christmas).

What age range is Violent Night ?

It has an R rating.


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