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Everything You Need to Know About Kevin Bacon’s LGBTQ Film They/Them (2022)

The horror-focused production company Blumhouse Productions has grown into a giant in the business and one of the most famous names in horror cinema ever since it scored a significant hit with the first Paranormal Activity movie in 2007. Some of the biggest names in the genre have chosen to work for the company, which has a mission statement of “low budget, high idea.” Blockbuster series like Insidious, The Purge, and Halloween have been among them, as well as singular frights like Hush, Get Out, and Freaky.

With the release of the horror/thriller They/Them, which centers on a group of LGBTQIA+ kids who have been going to a conversion camp for the summer, Blumhouse is to continue its incredible run of success. In many aspects, the eagerly awaited film appears prepared and set to break new ground for the renowned company. It has many people curious about what surprises its audience will be treated to. Here is what we currently know about/Them to assist in answering some of these queries.

They/Them Release date

With They/Them, Blumhouse is breaking new ground with They/because it will mark the production company’s first-ever partnership with Peacock, the streaming platform where They/Them will debut. This adds to the service’s already excellent library of well-known horror heavy hitters like Saw and Phantasm. It is They/Them Peacock’s sixth original feature film and their first original horror picture.

They/Them will be unique to Peacock; there are currently no plans to release the movie in theatres, even though NBCUniversal and Blumhouse have experimented with concurrently releasing a film on Peacock in theatres (as was the case for Halloween Kills). Therefore, a Peacock membership will be required if you want to see a new generation of campers by a masked assailant. Even though most of Peacock’s content is free to access, a paid subscription is probably necessary to see They/Them because it’s a brand-new movie. A Premium Plus subscription removes the majority of advertisements and is available for $9.99 per month and the $5.99 monthly base subscription fee for premium.

The cast of They/Them 

The idea for They/Them originated with John Logan, who has produced numerous feature films in the past despite this being his first attempt at directing. Logan has had a comfortable scripting career since 1990, penning the screenplays for blockbuster hits like Gladiator, The Aviator, Rango, Hugo, and Skyfall. The news that Logan will also write They/Them will excite fans of those movies. Along with Jason Blum, Logan will also produce the film.

They will be with Kevin Bacon (Wild) and Michael Aguilar (The Departed), as well as Jon Romano (Firestarter), Scott Turner Schofield (Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps), Howard Young (Hit and Run), Lauren Heath (Impractical Jokers: The Movie), and Jon Romano. Kevin Bacon will play Owen Whistler, the head counselor and presumed namesake of Whistler Camp, in addition to producing. Whistler is already quite evil if he sincerely believes in his camp’s purpose for young kids, regardless of whether or not he is the killer after the trailer.

The varied group of campers includes a variety of voices from the LGBTQIA+ community. These include Jordan, a transgender teen and the movie’s primary character, played by Theo Germaine; Austin Crute plays Toby, a gay man attending the camp in return for a vacation to New York. Quei Tann portrays Alexandra, a transsexual woman whose parents have threatened to disown her and force her out of the house. In the role of Veronica, by Monique Kim, a bisexual woman who tires of hiding her sexual orientation, Kim, a lesbian who is also hiding her sexuality, is by Anna Lore. Cooper Koch portrays Stu, an athletic athlete who worries that being gay would hurt his life, and Darwin del Fabro plays Gabriel, a gay man who is frequently the target of bullying.

The plot of They/Them 

They/cast Them’s of victims have undoubtedly previously suffered from misunderstandings. Each one represents a different aspect of gender identity and sexuality and is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Some of the campers were required to go by their parents and guardians, while others made a “deal” in which they agreed to endure the camp for a few weeks in exchange for something they wanted. The main character Jordan, a transgender teen who identifies as non-binary, falls into the latter category. In the conversation for Jordan’s consent to join the camp, their parents consent to emancipate Jordan from their custody completely.

With the menacing motto “Respect, Renew, Rejoice,” Jordan and the rest of their classmates are taken to Whistler Camp. The gang later encounters Owen Whistler, the proprietor of this eerie retreat, along with the rest of their counselors, whose aim is to psychologically abuse the young people so they will conform to what they view as gender stereotypes. Being teenagers, the main characters are probably going to rebel and look for methods to express themselves while also attempting to have a little fun.

None of them would have likely anticipated that their already unsettling and unsettling summer vacation would become a horrific nightmare when a mysterious serial murderer is let loose.


They/first Them’s trailer keeps things pleasantly vague and provides only the most basic plot details. In the less than fifty-second teaser, a group of LGBTQIA+ teenagers is seen traveling to Whistler Camp. So, a facility for teenagers who are “struggling” with impulses that their parents view as improper. The gang eventually meets Owen Whistler, the camp’s director. Also, and the rest of their counselors for their summer of indoctrination and therapy. The video closes with a mysterious masked killer. Well, who is probably the antagonist of this movie with its already unsettling backdrop, after a brief sizzle reel introducing the ensemble.


When Will, They/Them, Be Out?

When it debuts on Friday, August 5, 2022, They/Them will instill dread of God. Also, in campers just in time for the conclusion of summer.

What is it about They/Them?

While being under hunting pressure by an unidentified masked killer. Also, a group of teens at an LGBTQ+ conversion camp face unsettling psychological techniques.

Is It/Them a Horror?

In this slasher horror movie set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp, Kevin Bacon plays Owen Whistler.

The cast of They/Them/They/Them, starring Kevin Bacon, Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, and Theo Germain. So, will debut in US theatres on August 5, 2022. Played by Kevin Bacon is Owen Whistler.


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