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Date of Release, Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know About Bodies Bodies Bodies

A24 has established a strong reputation for releasing creative and atmospheric movies, and with its newest release, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, is returning to the horror subgenre. It’s difficult not to be attracted by Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, given the references to Gen X horror/comedies, Scream, and Agatha Christie books and the director’s comparisons to a Chekhov play, Lord of the Flies, and Mean Girls. The film’s outstanding cast, which includes Pete Davidson, Amandla Stenberg, and Maria Bakalova, heightens the anticipation. When it premieres in the US, all of this, together with the movie’s nearly unanimously favorable reviews from those who watched it at South by Southwest, should make it a must-see for fans of both horror and humor.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Release date

In March 2022, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies made its debut at South by Southwest. It will have a significant theatrical release starting on August 5 and is being distributed in the US by A24. The satirical slasher has a runtime of one hour and thirty-five minutes with an R classification (unsurprising given the amount of language, violence, and drugs in the trailer alone).

The cast of Bodies Bodies Bodies 

The Gen Z stars in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies are certainly the A-listers. Amandla Stenberg plays Sophie, a former party girl who has lately become sober and one of the event’s hosts. In The Hunger Games, Stenberg rose to stardom as Rue. Most recently, she portrayed Alana in Dear Evan Hansen. Maria Bakalova is Sophie’s girlfriend Bee in the film. Bakalova is most known for playing Tutar, Borat’s daughter, in the sequel movie Borat, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She recently appeared in The Bubble, an ensemble pandemic comedy directed by Judd Apatow. Bakalova will soon be a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 casts, a component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Other details:

In her conversation with Collider, Bakalova acknowledged that “I was scared to be a part of a horror movie because I’m scared of horror, but A24 horror movies are something different. Plus, I think at the end, Bodies Bodies Bodies feels more like an R-rated comedy because everybody brought their funniness in a way.” Pete Davidson, a former Saturday Night Live cast member, plays David. In addition to doing stand-up and sketch comedy, Davidson worked as an executive producer, co-writer, and actor in the semi-autobiographical movie The King of Staten Island in 2020. In Machine Gun Kelly’s earlier this year released film Good Mourning, he also portrayed the part of Barry.

Greg, a significantly older boyfriend of one of the buddies, is portrayed by Lee Pace. In Pushing Daisies by Bryan Fuller, Pace portrayed the endearingly clumsy Ned, and in The Hobbit trilogy, he played Thranduil. He also played Ronan the Accuser in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), appearing in both Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy. Before this, Myha’la Herrold, who plays Jordan, mainly worked in live theatre, including The Book of Mormon on Broadway. She plays a significant role in the British TV drama Industry as well. Chase Sui Wonders, who played Riley in the 2021 television series Generation, plays Emma, David’s girlfriend. Alice is played by Rachel Sennott, best known for playing Danielle in the critically acclaimed comedy Shiva Baby.

The plot of Bodies Bodies Bodies 

Following a group of young friends, as they gather for a raucous party in a rural mansion, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies follows them. It doesn’t take long for their jubilation to turn fatal because there is no mobile service and a cyclone outside. Their game of “bodies, bodies, corpses” (imagine hide-and-seek with a werewolf/mafia twist) quickly escalates into sobs, threats, and ultimately actual murder. As the group works to identify the natural killer, connections break down swiftly, and trust falls. What the movie’s star, Amandla Stenberg, characterized to Entertainment Weekly as: “The hypocritical nature of the culture that we live in now, how there’s a lot of virtue-signaling. So many people don’t do their actual research, so sometimes, the nature of that virtue-signaling can feel so shallow. There’s a lot of fodder for comedy there.”

Bodies Bodies Bodies, which combines Gen Z aesthetics, slasher movies, and a traditional locked-door country house murder, is to be a hit with viewers.


On April 26, A24 unveiled the trailer for Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. The trailer highlights the film’s darkly sarcastic tone by cutting between sequences from the film and some of the accolades it garnered when it was at SXSW. The story begins with the characters having a good time at their drug-fueled party while singing the song “I Like Myself” from the educational Blue Sky Puppet Theater program, which was to help teach schoolchildren how to make wise decisions. Characters converse and argue in pop psychology throughout the video, accusing one another of gaslighting, being toxic, and escalating tensions. (The incident at hand is a murder.) This is not a secure zone. It says in big letters on the movie posters.


When will you have “bodies, bodies, bodies” on?

On August 5, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies will be out in theatres.

Are dead people ever truly leaving?

Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha’la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott. Also, Lee Pace, and Pete Davidson are among the actors who appear in the movie. The release date is August 5.

Who is the film’s director?

Halina Reijn is the director of the 2022 American black comedy slasher movie Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.

What is the movie’s story?

A group of wealthy 20-somethings decides to play the game Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. It is in a remote family mansion where one is a “killer” in disguise.


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