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Everything you need to read about “Jurassic world dominion”

The new Jurassic World: Dominion trailer has debuted, after three cross-promotional teasers in which dinosaurs from the impending sequel hunt Olympic skiers, ice skaters, and snowboarders. The current teaser, though, provides the first true look at the film, and there’s much for fans to chew on, from nostalgic characters to huge action moments.

Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) is rapidly approaching, and we’ll soon hear that terrifyingly heavy footfall (AKA “impact tremors”). But, because it will be some time before we see dinosaurs of various kinds and sizes (and dietary requirements) thriving on continental North America and beyond, it’s time to take a look at all we know so far about the film.

What all has been released in The Jurassic world so far

Jurassic World: Dominion is the sixth film in the Jurassic Park film franchise. Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Jurassic Park III (2001), Jurassic World (2015), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) have all been released, then two short films, Battle at Big Rock (2019) after 2 years,  the Jurassic World: Dominion prologue (2021).

What is the sequel Jurassic world dominion about?

The next sequel is planned to be a culmination of the franchise’s previous entries, taking place four years after the events of the last film, Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, in which many dinosaurs were released into the wild on mainland North America. The new film depicts mankind fighting to regain control of nature while dinosaurs thrive in the American wilderness.

There are dinosaurs in other regions of the earth as well, with numerous species auctioned off to foreign firms in the 2018 sequel. While little has been known about the narrative, director Colin Trevorrow hasn’t been hesitant about providing certain insights, characterizing the picture as “globe-hopping,” similar to a “spy movie” like James Bond.

The new Jurassic World: Dominion teaser teases additional locations, ranging from wintry surroundings in North America to sunny settings in Malta. For the first time, the Jurassic Park franchise will not be constrained by the natural limitations of a jungle island, but we may return to Isla Sorna, which we haven’t seen since 2001’s Jurassic Park III.

Trailer of the movie

Jurassic world dominion star cast: who all will be seen?

Jurassic World: Dominion features the largest cast of the whole franchise, which is not surprising given that it will be set all across the world while also reintroducing classic Jurassic Park characters. While Lex Murphy (Ariana Richards) and Kelly Malcolm (Vanessa Lee Chester) are no longer present, there are plenty of familiar faces returning to the fold.

DeWanda Wise (Kayla) and Elva Trill (Charlotte Lockwood) are newcomers, as are Mamoudou Athie, Scott Haze, Dichen Lachman, and Dimitri Thivaios. The return of Jurassic Park characters Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), all of whom are featured in the new Jurassic World: Dominion teaser, is what fans are most thrilled about.

Who all will be returning?

Returning characters in Jurassic World: Dominion include Chris Pratt (Owen Grady), Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire Dearing), Isabelle Sermon (Maisie Lockwood), Omar Sy (Barry Sembene), Daniella Pineta (Zia Rodriguez), Justice Smith (Franklin Webb), and BD Wong (Henry Wu), all of whom appeared in one or both of the previous Jurassic World sequels.

Full Cast

Dichen Lachman, Daniella Pineda, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, Mamoudou Athie, Scott Haze, BD Wong, Campbell Scott, Justice Smith, DeWanda Wise, Omar Sy, Kristoffer Polaha, Isabella Sermon, Freya Parker, Fileena Bahris, Varada Sethu, Elva Trill, Glynis Davies, Cokey Falkow, Bernardo Santos, Lillia Langley, Bastian Antonio Fuentes, Manuela Mora, Dimitri ‘Vegas’ Thivaios, Teresa Cendon-Garcia, Enzo Squillino Jr., Adam Kiani, Liam Edwards, Ross Donnelly, Metin Hassan, Joel Elferink, Milo McDowell, Luigi Boccanfuso, Joseph Aston Grant, Robin Lee, Tyrone Love, Sam Shoubber, Truman Tremblay, Clyde Vassallo, Sean Vassallo and Gjee Wade II

Directed By

Colin Trevorrow

Produced By

Winston Azzopardi, Patrick Crowley, Alexandra Derbyshire, Charlie Endean, Annys Hamilton, Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow


When will Jurassic world: dominion be released?

Many fans of the famous Jurassic Park franchise are wondering if Jurassic World: Dominion will be distributed in cinemas in a world when some movies designed for the big screen are going directly to streaming platforms. And you’ll be relieved to know that Universal Pictures has no plans to first release the film on television.

As the trailer suggests, this is a film meant to be enjoyed in the most epic setting, and while the ongoing global pandemic has transformed the movie landscape in unprecedented ways, it’s fair to say that, in recent months, the industry has finally begun to recover, even if dual-releases for some big movies continue.

However, Jurassic World: Dominion, like numerous other films, was affected by the global epidemic and was considerably delayed. The sequel, which was supposed to be released in July 2021, was delayed for a whole year, as was the situation with other blockbuster titles such as Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021), which was supposed to be released in summer 2020.

But, luckily, all looks to be well in the film industry, as Jurassic World: Dominion will be released in theatres on June 10, this year. While the previous two films in the series were excellent, let us hope that the directors have used the extra time to improve this one as much as possible. Jurassic World: Dominion, on the other hand, appears to be an intriguing film based on the trailer.

Can Jurassic world: Dominion be the last sequel?

Jurassic World: Dominion is still months away from release, but many are already asking if this will be the franchise’s final movie. Despite the fact that the next sequel would at least conclude the Jurassic World trilogy of films, producer Frank Marshall indicated in 2020 that it might be the start of a new age of Jurassic Park movies.

However, the producer, who has worked on every Jurassic World film too far, has chosen to throw some additional light on the topic, stating that they aren’t quite done with Jurassic Park movies just yet, while promptly dismissing speculations of a forthcoming live-action Jurassic Park TV series.

Although the producer of the movie has stated “I hope Dominion will close up this trilogy, but we’re not resting on our laurels,” adding to which he said “We’re going to sit down and see what the future holds,” furthermore, “Of course, we want to do quality, wonderful movies with great narrative, amazing writers and filmmakers, but we’re absolutely looking to do more in the Jurassic universe.”

Nonetheless, Jurassic World: Dominion will be the conclusion of the Jurassic World film series, or at the very least the plot arc created in Colin Trevorrow’s 2015 reboot picture. Even the new Jurassic World: Dominion teaser promises “an epic climax to the Jurassic period,” implying that this will be a finale, whether or not it is the final film in the franchise.


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