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Fans trend “#HonslaRakhShehnaaz” after Shehnaaz Gill steps out for work!

A month has passed since Siddharth Shukla’s demise, but still, the fans are not able to recover from the loss and it is still unbelievable for all of them that our favorite actor is no more between us. Many fans are still depressed about the tragic incident that took place. Well as all the fans are broken by the news, the news has hit hard for Shehnaaz Gill as she is still not able to recover fully from the shocking news. Now as the month has passed she has now finally stepped out for her work as she has a lot of work commitments. Shehnaaz Gill isolated herself from the media for almost a month and now she has finally stepped out of her house for work. She has now resumed her work for her film “Honsla Rakh”, sharing the screen with Diljit Dosanjh. According to the report which was earlier shared by the Bombay times, it was said that Shehnaaz will return to work on October 7th. Shehnaaz has left for her film’s shoot and has also traveled to an international location.

As all fans know that this will be kind of difficult for Shehnaaz Gill to resume her work after such shocking news, the fans have shown their love now and extended full support to Shehnaaz Gill, and have encouraged her to do her work. To show their love and support towards Shehnaaz Gill all the Shehnaaz and Sidharth fans have started trending “#HonslaRakhShehnaaz” on Twitter. People are now happy to see her working and recovering and have extended full support to her. Her fans are standing like a pillar with her. The fans already decided they will support her at any cost as soon as she steps out for work and they all have done so.

One fan wrote, “People who laugh the most, cry the hardest. The people who smile the brightest, feel the deepest pain. The people who are quiet have biggest heart” No matter how hard is #ShehnaazGill will shine brightest. Patience, tolerance & hard work is her mantra.   


“Take a bow, lovely 1 . Because you’re tired & still you’re doing it. You’re feeling empty & still, you’re giving it ur best. You’re unsure of a lot & still, you’re being it. You got hit hard still you’re healing it. Ur Eyes dried & still, you’re dreaming it. “

HONSLA RAKH SHEHNAAZ” reads another tweet

“Her talent & hard work speaks volumes. You can actually see the growth in her work, not just acting but everything she steps into, be it her transformation, her language & communication skills, modeling, her singing or dancing skills… SHE’S IN IT TO EXCEL! 

HONSLA RAKH SHEHNAAZ”, wrote another.

Many pointed out that Siddharth Shukla is also trending along with this Trend and said that they are together in any way possible. One fan wrote, “The fact that #SidharthShukla and HONSLA RAKH SHEHNAAZ are trending together. 

How can you not see he’s always standing next to her, kuch na kuch karke. Always together.”

The fans are busy encouraging her with sweet words and applauding her for the way she handled herself in the tough times and now fans are wishing her the best for her new film. 

Well with this, it can be surely said that every step Shehnaaz Gill will take towards from now on her fans will always support her and stand with her like a pillar and will never leave her alone. Fans were really worried at the time when she isolated herself from everything and no news was obtained about her. But now, as Shehnaaz Gill has resumed her work, fans believe that she will recover slowly and they will always support her at any cost. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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