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This beatboxing video will leave you amazed! Netizens love the beatboxer’s performance and trends!

Former basketball player and a very famous social media star Rex Chapman has been very active on social media platforms. He has been always updating several amazing videos and posts of himself on his social media for his fans and followers. All for his regular updates, especially on his Twitter profile, most of the time becomes a trend and it always succeeds to amuse his fans. 

Rex Chapman has many different posts regularly updated on social media that are from his hilarious posts to several heartwarming videos and other posts which are surely loved by his followers. His recent post is no different and has successfully hit the headlines now because it is one of the trendiest things currently found on the internet. Chapman has recently shared on his official Twitter account which is a video of global beatbox champion Show-Go.

 The video is something that has caught the attention of so many social media users and also many netizens have already gone crazy for the beatboxing skills that the former basketball player holds. The video shows the recording of Show-Go performing a beatbox track. It is something so magical that people get easily addicted to beatboxing and also it feels as if someone is giving a live performance in front of you. 

If you close your eyes and listen to the video it will surely take you completely to a whole new world especially if you are a fan of beatboxing. Show-Go perfectly nails all the beats and rhythm of the track and netizens just could not get enough of it. Along with having the amazing video, it was captioned with the lines saying, “The most amazing two-minutes you’ll spend all day,” and surely all the social media users who watched and listened to the beatboxing agree with that. 

Ever since the video has been updated online it has gone crazy viral and is getting sad on so many social media platforms that it is hard to believe that a beatboxing video can go so viral. Currently this video available online has got more than 9.3 lakh views and it keeps increasing every single minute. Also, this video by Rex Chapman has got tons of likes and reactions which all are positively supporting the social media star.

People were amazed by the artist’s amazing beatboxing skills and did not take a step back in showing how amazed they were and happy to see her skills in the comment section of the video. Also many wondered how anyone would be able to compete with the beatboxing done by Rex Chapman.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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