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Faridabad police come up with a ROFL post featuring bike thief with the song Bholi Si Surat

Faridabad police currently hit the headlines with the hilarious social media post that they made on Saturday. They shared a Bollywood-inspired post just to identify a bike thief and currently their post is going very much viral on several social media platforms. The police department left many netizens surprised with their sense of humor and also many social media handlers were all amused and they loved their post that made their day. 

The re-imagination of the lyrics of Bholi Si Surat is what made their post so popular and the tweet that the Faridabad police department can surely bring a smile to your face. Talking about the treat made by the police officials it stated “Bholi Si Surat, kaam mein susti, motorcycle churae, haaye.” The caption is nothing but the rewritten lyrics of the famous song Bholi Si Surat which was released back in the year 1997. The song is from a very hit film of SRK that is Dil to Pagal hai. The exact translation of the song in English means innocent face, lazy when it comes to work, [he] steals motorcycles. when officers the net is instantly recognized what the police department tried to do in the tweet. 

The creativity was at a whole new level and all the Bollywood fans, especially SRK fans got really addicted to this tweet by the Faridabad police officials. Also, the police department’s add hashtag informing the following is that this bike is now put behind the bars now. The hashtag was #Ab_To_Andar_Hai. The tweet has got no more than 6000 likes and it is getting shared on so many other social media platforms to accept with a full stop many netizens and social media and others praise the humor and the way they created awareness regarding the thief.

 All so it was a great warning to other potential offenders. Talking about the comment section, it was so much filled with amazing reactions given by netizens who saw the Faridabad police department’s hilarious tweet. The comments in the video keep increasing and surely great work is all done by the police department of Faridabad. Well, this is not the first time when a police department in India reimagined lyrics to create a hilarious post. 

Earlier this month Mumbai’s police department also did a similar trick by re-making the lyrics of another popular song to warn the motorcycle riders who go for many dangerous stunts. the Mumbai sports department went for the words of Aqua’s hit song Barbie girl and they wrote “Attention Barbie girl, it’s the real world life isn’t plastic- safety fantastic!” This tweet took the internet by storm at that time too and again the Faridabad police showed how hilarious the police department in India can be.



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